Sunday, December 8, 2019

The End of the Age Comes

Just as you cannot stop an idea whose time as come, no more than you retain an idea whose time has gone.

I wondered for years exactly how this works. Then I began reading Anonymous Conservative's blog and found r/K Theory. The theory, laid out as if one were to put out all the parts of a rifle or PC build before assembling, creates a working machine by which one can read those very currents in the social mood and discover what drives them. Once you see how r-select psychology and K-select psychology works, and what drives each, then it's a short step to figuring out how to deliberately manipulate it--to weaponize it--for one's own ends.

Guess who knows, and has? Empire

The time for "liberal democracy" is gone. The lies behind its creation are coming out, and the majority of the world's nations (I mean peoples here, not governments.) never wanted anything to do with it anyway, so it was a creation built upon sand- and now the sands shift. Those who have bought into this belief are going to have an increasingly bad time as the forces that will do away with the world they want gain power and begin abolishing it piece by piece at both ends- ultimately at the barrel of a gun.

It is at this time that, ordinarily, Empire would reckonize the failure of yet another attempt at creating a permanent solution to the problem of its existence and seek to jump hosts. Ordinarily. That is not a forgone conclusion now, and AnonCon's publication of r/K Theory is a key reason as to why; what the theory explains was once a secret held to the realm of mystery cults and similar elite cults. Now you can by it on Amazon, and it's only a matter of time before a critical mass read it, comprehend it, see its validation in the historical record, and decide to wield it against those heretofore wielding it upon them.

I cannot tell you what will arise next. I can only tell you that "liberal democracy"--and everything that is normative within it--are going to be gone and increasingly forgotten by the end of the 21st century, if not disdained and despised. The dreams of Melnibone cannot go on forever, and they shall not. No empire does, and once an empire--once Empire--is revealed for what it is, it is not long before it is set upon. It may go on for a time, but always harried thereafter, and sooner or later the wounds are too much and it expires.

And it is being revealed. Empire must fall.

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