Sunday, January 5, 2020

It's All About Noticing

The brilliance of the God-Emperor comes through again this week with how he handled the Iran issue. What everyone thinks is that he's doing Neocon things for Neocon ends. What's going on is that he's using military action abroad to draw out more of his enemies at home, and having been drawn out they get caught out--exposed--and things start going wrong for them. At first it's imperceptible to outsiders: book sales underperform, speaking engagements dry up, promotions don't happen, etc. and so it's deniable. Then there's commentary on blogs and social media, starting at the fringes and moving inwards, on discrepancies between professional and social status- they live lives beyond the means of their position.

This is when Noticing happens. People start to see things that they are not meant to see, such as family and society connections, and they speak of it in public fora. This is when the wrong things begin to accelerate; for those needing a summary, what you see is someone being sanctioned and when that somehow isn't remedied they get pressure applied progressively until they get burned- cut off from whatever network they're in and disavowed.

That's what happened to Epstein. The network he served burned him. Spacey's well aware he's in the same boat, and he's making very risky plays to avoid getting suicided. And we are not supposed to notice; that's why they're playing up the sloppy hits as intimidation plays via spinning media exposure of Epstein's key associates as if they were taunting we ordinaries by flaunting their above-the-law (until they're not) status.

What did Trump whacking this Iranian general--the guy under the Mullahs directly, not the secular military--running terror intel ops do? First, as he stated, it degraded Iran's ability to run those operations. That's true. But the real objective was part of his campaign to flush out the traitors and their networks in the US, because they suddenly went out like it was 2004 and did all this virtue-signalling anti-war bullshit on queue, and People Are Noticing.

And Noticing gets talked about online. Word of mouth spreads, and that's exactly what Empire's Thralls have been shitting themselves about; that's what all the social media screwjobs and Internet hate speech laws are meant to squelch, but it won't work- too little, too late. The Noticing will escalate; places like Anonymous Conservative will only grow as more people Notice and start talking and sharing info.

And the Thralls are afraid. They know what comes next: Doing.

That's what all the moves to disarm the populace, flood it with hostile aliens and foreigners, break up social and household cohesion, etc. are about: to prevent Doing. They know what happened every other time Noticing turned to Doing: they get slaughtered en masse. Their attempt to suborn China failed, and their moves to suborn smaller countries to turn into bolt-holes such as New Zealand aren't going as planned.

Meanwhile, long-standing assests used to move massive amounts around covertly are failing. More of these failures are being Noticed. The God-Emperor is drying up the funds, and a network this big needs massive flowing networks of finance to operate as intended, and the panic at this network falling apart so fast cannot be underestimated.

The real next step is to start Noticing the ground-level operations. We see some of this in the rape gang networks and cults like the Finders. Anonymouse Conservative often talks about more passive ones that, somehow, link into those operations. The step after that is to do research on what a Denied Area is and how to establish and maintain one.

That's right. Notice, then Do.

And watch what happens in response. Remember who turns out to be an NPC; don't trust them hereafter. When the truth comes out, a lot of us are going to find that the world is far closer to how the people in Crazytown say it is that what the Thralls in power want us to believe. Empire Must Fall.

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