Sunday, January 12, 2020

Noticing The Way Banking Works For New Generations

Black Pigeon Speaks on the modern currency system, which is how this world world-wide.

Nothing that hasn't been said for years by others such as Bill Still, but those disinclined to listen to those older than their generational cohort will find BPS's video more than sufficient to get the basics across.

This is the power center of Empire--of Cabal--as it is the fulcrum upon which all leverage is worked through. The ability to create currency ex nihilo, and have it been used for all debts public and private or you get shot (i.e. it is legally-mandated by the State), because this is what independent central banks do is the hidden history tale of the age. We don't even talk about balancing checkbooks in common school curricula these days, nevermind how banking works, so ignorance of this is not surprising.

Nonetheless, the core fact cannot be avoided: the system is based on a big lie, and therefore is a conspiracy of criminal fraud.

Empire itself is based on a big lie--the biggest of them--so it's no surprise that its Earthly reflection would likewise be based on a big lie. This world does not operate as we're told that it does, and here is a big reveal that many still cannot accept. "Money" and "Currency" being improperly used interchangably is another; the former has inherent value, and the latter does not. "Banking", therefore, makes only currency and not money; for that you need to mine something inherently valuable, such as gold or silver.

And it is something to think about. This Clown World didn't come about overnight; its manifestation begins here. Empire must fall.

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