Sunday, January 19, 2020

Noticing A Trend Of Collapse

Black Pigeon Speaks, on his not-BPS channel, taking the time to talk about the trend of the rise and fall of empires and the nations that create them.

To which I add this: in the collapse phase, the declining elite often resort to deliberate divide-and-conquer tactics to put down rebellious subjects- including throwing open the gates, allowing aliens to come and be legbreakers in return for state protection, and hoping that when the proles are put down they can successfully yoke whomever remains and lock them back in the slave pens once more.

Which means plenty of surveillance and deception meant to put forth a facade of legitimacy- if only to maintain their own delusions. This is why narrative warfare is rampant, and increasingly incompetent, as a collapse progresses: when noticing achieves critical mass, that legitmacy evaporates- and soon, so does obedience.

The smarter elites know this. That's why the demographic replacement is happening. Just as these elites view everyone beneath them as disposable, expendable, and fungible cogs to be consumed and replaced so does Empire itself view its Thralls. That's why the collapse phase always turns into civil war, and not of the relatively orderly sort seen in the (first) American Civil War, but the usual savagery seen in Eastern Europe when the Soviet states there broke up in the 1990s or in Africa when the Hutsus and the Tutsis got into it. The diversity is deliberately increased and so is the proximity; Diversity plus Proxmity equals War, and the only proven prevention is to follow Singapore's model.

That the elites of the West cannot do, even if they want to, because they are insufficiently competent to execute it.

Soon staged events like the Virginia rally will cease as their utility to anyone not a Thrall of Empire becomes brick-to-face obvious (i.e. when the Boomers get it). Soon the need to be seen positively in the media at all will end. When that happens, the next ratchet turn comes; surveillance vs. covert action. It becomes a race against time; actors will start targeting enemies where they reside, and intelligence will need to ramp up surveillance to intercept actors--increasingly of the Stand-Alone Complex variety--and statutory regulation will be increasingly revealed as weaponized nonsense as more and more people ignore it.

The fuse is lit. We'll soon see if there's a boom, and if so how things shake out. Either way, Empire must fall.


  1. Bradford

    But even the Singapore model has an expiry date. The elites are increasingly resorting to insults, deception and surveillance (but that's been the norm since independence)
    The main reaso: without the open border immigration, the country would grind to a halt as currently structured.


    1. Well, mark that one down as "Attempts that didn't work".