Sunday, March 22, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Corona-chan Destroys Muh Diversity

Black Pigeon Speaks on Corona-chan, Japan, and why Diversity is not our strength.

Japan has not had to lockdown the country, impose massive quarantines, or do other draconian measures to keep Corona-chan contained. She's not made a mess of Japan, and BPS makes the argument the lack of Muh Diversity is a big factor in explaining why Japan got missed while Italy, China, etc. are looking like scenes from Resident Evil.

This squares. Because Japan is a country that is a true ethnostate and as such it is a country without diversity of nations within it. That means cultural and political will exists to push strong prevention now, and should Corona-chan come again in force that will exists to do what is necessary to put Corona-chan down. Wherever Muh Diversity took hold, Corona-chan ran rampant because institutional incompetence is correlated to Muh Diversity strongly. Why? Best explanation is that the ideology necessary to keep this scam going is also one that devalues technical and administrative incompetence over office politics (necessary to seize and hold power for Muh Diversity) and cult dynamics.

And I fully expect Muh Diversity to take further hits as Corona-chan makes it more and more obvious that Muh Diversity is a scam meant to serve Empire and not ordinary people.

And I expect more effects of a similar, ultimately beneficial, nature to come as Corona-chan burns off the mold and rot that Empire's Thralls deliberately set into our lives. Empire must fall.

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