Sunday, March 15, 2020

Narrative Warfare: This Is Why The Narrative Matters

I could be wrong, but if there was ever a time to execute massive covert action it is now. The #QAnon folks have taken notice, and they're watching events unfold like hawks.

And if this is that "Storm" those aforementioned folks mention then it came about through some brilliant manuevering of the territory. In short, Go and not Chess.

Most Western people think like it's Chess. The plays are all well-documented, the game is focused on tactical moves to take out enemy pieces--attrition--until the enemy king is either in checkmate or voluntarily yields.

That's not what's going on. This is Go, and Go is all about control over the territory. Chess is about removing targets between you and a goal. Go is about taking and holding land by shaping that land as you design, and Go--not Chess--is the superior model for political. Rather than use state power and influence to direct target enemy figures, Trump and his allies have shaped the battlefield by relentless Narrative Warfare- and the Narrative is the territory in play here.

This is why I don't take Metokur whining about Trump seriously. This is why I don't take Cernovich's attacks on Trump seriously. They're both thinking in terms of Chess, while the God-Emperor is doing like his Chinese counterpart and thinking in terms of Go.

At this point, the origins of Corona-chan are irrelevant. What matters are the effects.

  • Population restrictions or lockdowns worldwide.
  • Globilist policies and institutions discredited for facilitating Corona-chan's swift spread.
  • Muh Antiracism/Antifacism/SJWism increasingly discredited for the same thing.
  • Most of the officials afflicted are Globohomo/Cabal shitbags.
  • A clear association of Nationalism with Safety is coming to the fore.
  • Countries with homogenous populations (e.g. South Korea) are recovering faster than others, further crediting Nationalism.
  • Heretics are getting it too more than the faithful.
  • Hoarders and other bad actors are getting the stick with public approval.

That last part is the big one. Using this public health crisis to (a) shape the narrative against Globalism, against Empire and its Thralls, allows the God-Emperor to (b) act against them with public approval and he wins effortlessly because he's got the people behind him. It's making the arrests stick after the fact that's tricky, and that means cleaning out the courts. This is the reason it's been so long since Jaunary 2016, but now that he's got that critical mass in critical areas it looks like it's Go Time.

And all of this happened out of public sight, for the most part, because--like any master general--Trump distracted and dissembled so his enemies would not see his plans. Guys, you should read your Sun Tzu again; this is some Cao Cao tier shit he'll pulling off.

This is what the rallies were about: maintaining the Narrative. (Yes, morale matters, but that's part of the Narrative.) Cutting out the media (who hate him) and going directly to the people (a) doesn't let the media set the Narrative and (b) lets the attendees see first-hand that Trump's take is the right one by letting them see the enemy in person act upon them. You honestly think Trump's supporters are going to NOT vote for him now? Nope. Now with his well-timed manuevers, he's turned this crisis into an ally and he's using it to move- and with, again, public approval.

He's shaping the battlefield so that the enemy has no choice but to yield. That's Narrative Warfare. That's Go. That's why Empire Must Fall. Video demonstrates the God-Emperor's superior acumen by illustrating the principles behind it.

P.S.: The Supreme Dark Lord has also noticed that #QAnon is not a mere LARP.

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