Sunday, March 8, 2020

Noticing How Civilization Is Emergent

Today, we're building on something I mentioned a few weeks ago here.

The question: "What does a true Civilization look like?"

The answer is this: "Civilization is a macro-level expression of the natural and ordinary pattern of family life and organization."

There is no absent throne.

A cannot be not-A. Therefore, A.

Civilization is the organization of families, each lead by their Patriarch who acts with supreme authority over his kin and has ultimate responsibility for the well-being thereof. Most people better recognize this position as "King", or "Chieftain" or some similar title but the actual lawful function is that of a family's father. His power is confined to those of his blood, their wives (i.e. the women who marry into the family), and their (unmarried) daughters. His domain is confined to the land that his kin holds, and his wealth confined to that he and his kin either produce in-house or trade with others to acquire.

As I stated previously, this is a fractal pattern. The household is the smallest unit, and therein we see the organization in practice. The head-of-household is the patriarch; even if he is a widower and his brothers and their collective sons are grown men with wives and children of their own, they are subordinate to him for as long as he lives. He administers the household for the benefit of his children, and they execute his directives, just as God instructs His people and expects obedience to His will.

Relations between households of differing families means treating the heads thereof as equals, giving and receiving due respect accordingly. Rules for households are meant to vary to account for specific circumstances demanding specific solutions. Differing families residing in the same area are to entreat each other to administer their joint domains as necessity requires to prevent outsiders from doing harm to them; over time this usually means intermarriage to form lasting kinship bonds, and the lines merge into one, resolving issues of Prisoner's Dilemma games by ensuring emotional, ethical, and factual bulwarks against defection to said outsiders.

This is why I say "You already know what Civilization looks like. You just had to be brainwashed to believe otherwise."

The problem arises with formalization of larger-scale versions of this basic fractal pattern, coupled with believing that the obligations within a specific patrilineal line do not scale up to that within clans, tribes, or nations and the countries wherein they reside. This is the lawful role of religion. Religion exists so that this connection is made and the upscaled operations perform as intended, instead of allowing myopia to set in or to allow heresy to flourish- both of which are sources for the dysfunctional behavior we call "barbarism" and associate with uncivilized tribal peoples.

The best part of the system is this: we know what the failure states are now, so devising protocols to detect and intervene immediately is practical.

Low costs to start up. Low coast to maintain. Scales up without much problem. Easily established in any environment imaginable wherein Mankind can exist. Reliance on emergent phenomenon make recovery after disaster easy, and course-correction easy to implement. It's as if this was a deliberate design.

Because it is. We have the blueprint to restore Civilization. Get to work. Empire Must Fall.

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