Monday, November 9, 2020

Narrative Warfare: He Was Ready For This

Independent journalist Brian Cates explains how the God-Emperor will use the fraud exposure to prevail and win his second term. Bear with the man; he's got a hell of a speech impediment.

If you want a TLDR, this should do:

Last time he snuck up on the Democrats who run key battleground states. This time they let him know for **months** in advance they were ready for him. They used CCP Virus hysteria as cover for draconian lockdowns to set up massive mail-in voting fraud. But because this voting fraud was on such a massive and cartoonishly blatant scale, Trump and his legal teams will have no problem whatsoever proving it in federal court and having judges rule for recounts in many of these battleground states.

There will be federally supervised recounts with armed federal agents on scene to ensure poll watchers aren't kept 100 feet away or even tossed out of the building. Trump will be declared the winner and then we'll get election reforms to ensure these Democrat goons never try this stupid trick again.

Brian, along with Wictor's anon alt-account, got nuked from the Twatter. Fortunately, his brother from another mother is now relaying his info to Twatter on his behalf. You'll find that account here. The Cates Brothers and Wictor have been fantastic and keeping things grounded in the real for a people so long afflicted by media gaslighting that they can be manipulated and demoralized with ease.

And that's what this is about now: morale and discipline.

That's something that the faith which made American possible is very good at when it is practiced properly. This is a 30 Days In The Desert scenario, and we're being told that all the world is ours if we but kneel.

I know what Jesus did when he had that put to him. Do the same.

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