Sunday, November 22, 2020

Narrative Warfare: It's Going To End Dramatically

We are watching a master strategist ply his trade before our very eyes.

A strategist begins with the result. That is the objective he pursues. He then assesses the material, personnel, and morale thereof at his disposal. He then assesses the terrain wherein the contest occurs. He seeks to spend his resources as little as possible to attain his objective. He assess his opposition, especially those likely to command the opposing forces.

With these preparations in place, he maps out--literally and figuratively--the threats arrayed against him and plans how to defeat each threat. This is the wargaming phase, and it occurs before a single move is made.

Simultaneously, he has engaged spies to ensure that his information is accurate and counter-spies to deceive his enemies. In most conflicts, the actual fighting is won or lost at this stage and open military operations are a formality.

All of this is basic Art of War, and if you have not read this seminal work then you are wrong and you must recitify that flaw immediately. (Click the image to buy a copy in print; click here for a free Kindle version.)

Sun Tzu explicitly states that morale is paramount in warfare. This means that Optics Matter, and Narrative Warfare is part-and-parcel to the problem being solved. Having control over morale makes it easier to get your supporters to back difficult plays, and that means that moves must be timed for maximum optics impact both to boost friendly morale and crush enemy morale. Successful strategiests understand Narrative Warfare.

And that means making a show of things.

The Thralls of Empire, as a class, believe that they have iron-clad narrative control and wield it accordingly. They have been relentless about demoralization propaganda since the night of the General Election on November 3rd, down to blatant lies such as promoting Biden as "President-Elect" when no such status has been conferred.

Trump has countered this media control by going directly to the people. The addition of friendly media companies such as One America and Newsmax is good to see, but ultimatley not necessary; Trump can and does directly address the people via livestreaming and other social media, despite the efforts of Big Tech to silence him, and if that fails the Emergency Alert System is at his disposal.

And that does not include Trump's surrogates--acknowledged as such or not--such as Thomas Wictor and the Cates brothers, who have accurately reported and explained what's going on to anyone that is willing to heed them.

What Trump is doing now is to destroy, piece by piece, the credibility of the media--removing their power over the Narrative--by successfully gainsaying their Narrative Warfare moves at every turn. The tell? How the press addresses Trump's press events; when their "questions" are actually blatant commands to conform to their narrative framing, that's how you know the attacks are working.

Now comes the legal front. The evidence gathered by the legal crew under Trump's command will soon be entered into Federal court. The aim is to get the cases before the Supreme Court of the United States. That means deliberately taking losses in lower courts knowing that friendly Justices will fast-track appeals and grant Cert when that comes. Once SCOTUS rules (likely 5-4) for Trump, that ends things and the fun begins.

But that is not the only route.

As Wictor explains, another route is the Electoral College. Several states allow for state legislatures to directly appoint slates of Electors, regardless of election results. Many of the states concerned have Republican-held legislatures; pressure can be presumed to be applied, for and against, slaiting pro-Trump Electors. If the College doesn't have enough votes to give to Biden, that's still a win for Trump; it goes to the House of Representatives, where it becomes One State->One Vote and Trump wins that way.

And as the evidence is admitted on the record into Federal Court, where people like Nick Rekieta can read the filings and talk about them on their live shows, we're going to see the full extent of not just criminal behavior but outright treason and sedition be exposed. Trump will put his enemies into a panic state once it becomes clear to them that not only does he know, but that he's going to expose all of it.

Trump knows his enemies. He knows how they think and why. That means he knows how to provoke them, and this is the biggest provocation yet.

They are already signalling via their double-speaking comms that assassination is on the table. (Remember that they adhere to SJW psychology, and SJWs Always Project.) All the talk of "stopping a coup with the military" means that they are openly making ready a plan to do just that. The tell? Their freak-out over Trump cleaning house at the Department of Defense this past week, and cutting Special Operations out of the usual command chain and instead reporting directly to the Secretary of Defense- a former Operator himself (i.e. SpecOps).

As the realization of exposure reaches unbearable levels, the freak-outs will culiminate in their deliberate attempt at assassinating Trump and as much of his Cabinent (and their families) as they can get. Assets and allies are not going to be spared, but they are not primary targets; they are going to attempt to stop Trump by killing him, and they are going to fail spectacularly.

Trump read their book.

This failed assassination attempt will be the opportunity Trump needs, being handed all of the optics required for Trump to successfully invoke the Insurrection Act and get all of the public support required to call out the militia--that's us--to secure the country while his loyalists in the government clean house.

GITMO remains operational for a reason. It's all building to this, folks. It's going to get worse before it gets better, but when it does it will be Biblical. Empire falls.

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  1. Bradford

    So this explains CNN trotting out Republicans shaking their jowls in righteous indignation about Trump's lobbying of state legislature to change their votes.

    Watching CNN is such a hoot.the hysteria, the histrionic theatricality and the gesculations remind me what an amazing time to live.