Sunday, November 29, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Now We See The Path To Trump's Victory

I remind you that Thomas Wictor is active on YouTube, posting daily. You should be listening to him. He is accurately describing what's actually going on.

(Note: Most of the Wictor video above is raw video of Iraqi Special Forces in action; useful to see what he describes in action in a literal sense, but not neccesary here.)

Wictor's talk of how the Saudis and their allies operate is relevant to us in the United States because this is the methodology Trump uses against his opposition. Notice how he constantly shifts his tactics, rope-a-doping his enemies time and again, before he gets yet another win out of them. If you imagine weaponized storytelling as a warfighitng method, as I do, then you see how he constantly lulls his enemies into thinking they got him before he shifts tactics yet again and blindsides them with a telling blow. Enough of those and you are as Nate Robinson fighting Jake Paul: knocked out face-first on the floor.

And like a master magician, Trump's method relies on commanding the enemy's attention. This is what all the media push on the lawsuits is for, until this past week; to conceal the telling blow of various state legislatures exercising their power to directly appoint Electors to the Electoral College regardless of what the vote result is.

That's right. It does not matter what the result is, and it never did. All that mattered was that it was a legitimate result. The actual goal was to dispute the results, which is what this entire operation is aiming for: de-legitimizing the results.

Once that is done, the legislatures can--with good optics--step in and reclaim what they delegated (because it's their property to lend out; they can reclaim it at anytime for any reason) to directly appoint Electors. (Which is how it should be anyway, but that's for another post.) This is 100% legal with Supreme Court precident due to Bush v. Gore 20 years ago, where Chief Justice (at the time) Reinquest explicitly pointed out that this was an explicit power of the legislatures of the several states under Article II of the U.S. Constitution- and as such trumped (hah) all state law and regulation to the contrary.

SCOTUS will not overrule itself if challenged on this, not with a firm 5-4 Conservative majority and Trump's watchful eyes on them.

The state legislatures can give their Electoral College votes to Trump. He wins. If this is denied, them no one has 270 and it goes to the House of Represenatives. There it is One State, One Vote; Republicans have the majority of states, so Trump wins. SCOTUS has good reason to fuck Biden, so they're going to ultimately rule for Trump and so he wins. It is increasingly obvious that Biden (and thus the Thralls of Empire behind him) have no path to victory but the last one.

Expect an assassination attempt before New Year's Eve.

Yes, Trump's ready for that also. That will fail, and in its wake Trump gets the optics he needs to cross the Rubicon and invoke the Insurrection Act. Trump wins.

So don't worry. Empire falls.

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