Sunday, November 8, 2020

Narrative Warfare: They Don't Believe Their Demoralization

Vox Day shared an anonymous email on his blog today. I reproduce it below.

I am not claiming to have truly inside information, only nearness to certain banking, business, and diplomatic circles. I also do not claim to share your political views entirely, but I am sympathetic and a long-time reader, and this can at this point be published hardly anywhere else.

In short, Trump outplayed the left, on a global scale: he absolutely will become President and there will be an unprecedented exposure of corruption throughout the US, EU, and Russia, and a massive wipeout procedure of it all – along with a reset of national debt, which amounts to wiping out the most criminal banks, institutions, and political parties across the world.

The key to this is what’s happening in Europe at this very moment: As of yesterday, all borders on the continent have been sealed; militaries are engaged for “contact tracing” in England, France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland; a friend of mine with both Swiss and EU passports is now stranded in Berlin because they are not even allowing departures from EU nations. Hotels have been ordered “not to take new reservations” until November 30. (Note: not “to close.”) There are massive, spooky-as-hell, fully empty “apartment complexes” (i.e. prison complexes – literal bars over the windows) already built in remote places in Europe. But these are not for normal people: they are housing built by and for the elements of corruption in Europe, at least, that will be exposed. I expect something similar to follow in America.

The Great Reset is underway but not quite, or not entirely, what Archbishop Vigano thought it was in the open letter posted by Q on October 30.

Let's break this down.

For normies, this is best folded up and put in a back pocket; don't worry about it unless and until things seen here start showing up elsewhere. This is a Big Ask sort of take, and as such deserves a salt brick of skepticism.

Yes, I share the Supreme Dark Lord's opinion that this email should not be accepted without verification. That is not to say it should be dismissed out of hand; the reactions of foreign states have been telling as to where they lie for Biden (and Empire) or Trump (and against Empire), and the timings of new European lockdowns concurring alongside American events is worth noting and following to see how coincidental they really are. (Don't count on it.) However, the hotel element has not been confirmed and the concealed prisons have yet to be corroborated.

Similar lockdowns are coming or have come to other Western states, also coinciding with the American election and showing by deed belief that Trump gets that second term. The talk in the media gloating about "a return to normal" is gaslighting by a desperate network of corrupt child-trafficking Satanists. That Biden has put Dick Cheney on his team as a foreign adviser shows how the Thralls are against Trump and what he represents.

They are but men. They rely on secrecy to win. Exposed, they lose; that's becoming brick-to-face obvious now such that normies are noticing and can't unnotice it. This is why they banned Wictor from Twitter (again; it's amusing that he's still pretnending "Carlos Osweda" was his alt), and Brian Cates, but both are on YouTube still along with Duane Cates and Saul Bradley.

What is clear is that (a) Trump saw this coming, (b) he prepared for it, (c) he is executing that plan, and (d) he will win yet again. The fair-weather friends, grifting faggots, and blackpillers have outed themselves as surely as the Thralls have. Trump's second term is not one where he needs to keep enemies closer to use them for strategic deception uses (that's why he had them, folks; easy to use leaks to fool the enemy and map their networks when you control the inputs into their leak machine). This is a counterattack like people have not seen in generations, and it's going to be glorious.

Pay attention to the timing and tone and you can see that those pushing the demoralization don't believe it. They're trying--try-harding--so badly to scare you into quitting, and the about-faces we see in the fraud going down once it became clear Trump is fighting is the biggest tell. They're realizing that he knows, he saw, and he's got multiple routes to put them out. Now comes the "Please don't kill us, Mr. Trump!" and that ain't happening. He loves his revenge, and that time's come.

Empire is falling. The demoralization will backfire when Trump wins.

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