Sunday, October 31, 2021

We Told You LOLberts That There Was Nowhere To Run

Among dissident nationalists, there's been a saying for years to those that would flee their homelands than fight: "There is nowhere to run."

Arguing against this has been a set of internationalist cosmopolitans, these days labeled "perpetual travelers" or "digital nomads", who tend to be monied and engage in some variety of international business and the offshore financial wrangling that goes with it.

The latter have always claimed that running is better than fighting because governments that like revenue will inevitably revert to a business-friendly environment, meaning friendly to aliens and foreigners and giving monied outsiders some form of preferential treatment. These people, by and large, are Cuckservatives and similar LOLbertarian midwits in the West; their Eastern counterparts are far more honest about being opportunistic cowards.

The nationalists, though they may not yet realize it, just got a win thanks to the Thralls of Empire running Globohomo.

Nomadic LOLberts BTFOed.

In nationalist circles, it's been widely believed that Globohomo will resort to shutting down mobility among plebs as things get dicey for them. This includes financial mobility, and the LOLbert Nomads have lived very well since the Boomers came of age doing this sort of thing in the shadow of first the Cold War and then post-Cold War Globohomo hegemony, as their activities facilitated Globohomo subvertion of sovereign states and subjugation of targetted nations.

This isn't the only recent loss for those nomads. Malaysia changed its "Malaysia My Second Home" program recently to price out most previous visa holders, the excuse being to price out the massive influx of mainland Chinese into the country (and their subsequent charge into local affairs by engaging in business practices there no less corrupt than at home). It used to be a destination for Western retirees, but they're pushed out now. Other places that sold residency relatively cheap still didn't permit those visa holders to enter the country once Wu Flu hit (and neither did Malaysia), and some countries--like Australia--don't let their citizens out either (legally, that is; smuggling yourself is still an option, Aussies).

Other popular expat destination for aging Boomers and Jonesers are likewise getting squeezed, either by explicit government policy changes or by local political instability ramping up and putting them in the crosshairs. Younger Westerners who are monied are caught up in the surge of changing sentiment, sending those not already millionairs in net work back to the countries they fled from, with two significant caveats: (1) they pass as a native, (2) they're accepted by their neighbors.

(So no, Vox Day haters, don't expect him and his family to be expelled back to the United States anytime soon. Ditto RPG Pundit haters; he ain't being kicked back to Canada.)

This does not mean that international cooperation is off the table. It is the opposite; making this work means increasing international cooperation and collaboration, not dropping it. If the leaders of Patriotic Alternative, Patriot Front, Generation Identity, etc. aren't communicating privately to establish and maintain a united front, they are doing it wrong and they deserve to be crushed under Globohomo's boot.

All it means is that cutting and running is not an option. This is Globohomo's big mistake; they are not ready to handle an enemy on Death Ground.

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  1. Bradford,

    I'm unsurprised about globohomo's attack on mobility. I've always held the members have wanted to reimpose the curfew via their obnoxious obsession in favour of public transport.

    Their fever dream is to reimpose the 19th century company town mixed with 21st century database nation and surveillance state social credit.