Saturday, September 14, 2013

An Ally Against Empire: Peter Joseph and the Zeitgeist Movement

Peter Joseph is a man whose effect upon recent events cannot be denied. When he released the first of the "Zeitgeist" films in 2007--Zeitgeist: The Movie--he unleashed a tidal wave in the world, albeit invisible at the time. (Don't think so? See for yourself.) What others such as Alex Jones, David Icke and G. Edward Griffith have stated within the ghetto of online radio, public-access cable TV or similar easy-to-miss media outlets for years (and often in language that made it easy for those not already sympathetic to dismiss), Peter Joseph took the same information and presented in a straight-forward manner with a sense of humor that didn't insult the viewer. His simple construction of an argument in that film is what made the genesis of the Zeitgeist Movement possible.

Joseph's two follow-ups documentaries-- and --not only made an effective argument against the mainstream, Establishment narrative of what reality is and how it works (in the everyday terms that most people deal with), but go on to attack the philosophical foundation of Empire's narrative and assert an alternative paradigm that is actually far better for Mankind should it be successfully implemented: the Resource-Based Economy ("RBE" for short). You can see Addendum and Moving Forward for yourselves and make up your own mind; if you want to know more, then the Movement has an Orientation Guide.

It is also due to Joseph that Jasque Fresco, founder and defacto leader of The Venus Project returned from total obscurity and enjoys now a renewed visibility and presence in the alternative media worldwide. While the formal alliance between the Movement and the Project ended a few years ago, the two--in general--remain friendly and individuals within each camp can and do collaborate when mutual advantage presents itself. I will write a future post that focuses on the Project and its value as an ally against Empire.

Joseph is an anarchist, but not an Anarcho-Capitalist; he's often at odds with such advocates of that perspective such as Stefan Molyneux and Adam Kokesh. He's very much a big-picture sort, as his follow-up project--Culture In Decline shows as does his contribute to Zeitgeist Media Day events. (See for yourself here and here.) Joseph, and the collection of people who joined him and now comprise key elements in the Movement (which presents itself as a holarchy). The Movement has a weekly radio show, where Joseph sometimes appears, and the Movement is increasingly capable of successful operation without Joseph minding day-to-day affairs.

Due to the very successful effect of Joseph's work in the alternative media, and the impact he's had even if it isn't obvious most of the time, it is well worth your while to become familiar with the man, his work and the movement that he co-founded. He's an ally against Empire, and we are wise to see what merit exists in not only his ideas but in how he communicates to a population that is otherwise at the mercy of Empire's Thralls in the media.

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