Sunday, September 29, 2013

An Ally Against Empire: James Corbett Exposes the IPCC & Climate Change

James Corbett, of the Corbett Report, has a new episode of the podcast out. Episode #282 addresses the Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change and how that body's proclamation regarding human activity on Climate Change is a grotesque and abominable fraud meant to push an international agenda of political economy that is meant to further centralized power and authority into the hands of a very small oligarchy. This is another attempt by Empire to preserve itself, through fostering the fraud of anthropogenic climate change and using fear of a ruined planet to return Mankind to serfdom via a new Feudalism--a Green Feudalism--that destroys Civilization (such as it is here) and puts down the rising threat of a fully awake, aware and ascendent Mankind that makes Empire shit its figurative pants in terror.

Below is the video. Sources and other relevant links are at the podcast's page, linked above, and James Corbett is very good at citing his sources for his podcast episodes. Follow up, as I have, and soon you too shall see that you can trust the Corbett Report to get it right when and where it counts.

Now, this is not to say that efforts to reduce the use of fossil fuels is not a good thing. It is, for no other reason that because no community should be so foolish as to rely solely on one source of power for all of their needs. The push to develop solar, wind, geo-thermal, etc. power sources is a net good for Mankind and should be supported. The point to keep in mind is that this is a scam meant to seize power over common people by a psychopathic oligarchy in dire fear for its own existence; they are using facts to lie, cheat and steal their way into a new secure position of power. This is why the fraud must be stopped, and thus aid in making Empire fall.

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