Friday, September 13, 2013

An Ally Against Empire: Stefan Molyneux and the Freedom Radio Show

Freedomain Radio is the online home base for noted Anarcho-Capitalist philosopher and activist Stefan Molyneux. I don't recommend him because I think that Anarcho-Capitalism is the way to go. I recommend him because he is intelligent, educated, charismatic and therefore has a following in the independent media that seeks an alternative to Empire. He's a successful man working in this field, and that commands respect and attention. Being an Anarcho-Capitalist, he extols the concepts of Voluntaryism and the Non-Aggression Principle in one's behavior and inter-personal affairs coupled with the promotion of the Free Market as the basis for socio-economic action and organization.

Stefan's is worthy of your attention not only because he presents ideas and principles that deny the claims of Empire and its Thralls, but also argue that there is a viable and practical reality that Empire and its Thralls pervert and corrupt for its own ends- and at our cost. His conception of Mankind as a people who organize without coercion for mutual advantage, using the Common Law and Natural Law as the sole source of community regulation, is not without merit or past experience that was not a failure; there are problems, many of which arise when debating with philosophical opponents, but nonetheless he's a man whose ideas cannot be dismissed out of hand. While he is often at odds with others, intellectually and philosophically, who come from a position that gainsays and challenges the precepts of the Free Market (as well as those who do not embrace Anarchism, however minimal, such as Libertarians) it is certain that no successful successor to Empire's reign can happen without taking these ideas and principles into account- and that means Stefan (figuratively speaking) has a seat at the table. Take the time to get familiar with him and his work; it will aid in you becoming what you need to be to make Empire fall.

UPDATE (10/6/2013): Since this post, Molyneux debated Peter Joseph of the Zeitgeist Movement. That did not end well. Molyneux revealed himself to be less-than-honorable and honest, and discredited himself and his position through his behavior. I've embedded all of the videos showing this in the linked post immediately above, so see for yourself.

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