Saturday, September 21, 2013

More Thomas Sheridan: In Conversation w/ James Corbett and Jay Weidner

All this week I wanted to post additional examples of Thomas Sheridan in his media presentations and interaction in the independent alternative media to present and promote his work. There are some folks who, while receptive in general, differ in the specifics. This roundtable discussion reveals one of them, which concerns what to do about psychopaths, and I will not spoil how Jay and Thomas disagree on that question. It's worth your time to listen for yourselves. (As for Mr. Weidner, I will give him the spotlight some time in the future once I feel confident in my knowledge of his position and what he argues to advocate and support that position.) James Corbett plays the host and moderator, doing work that should invite more invitations to do so by a lot of other parties. Enjoy, and come Sunday I will shift to another thing entirely and bring to your attention other ideas and people that are useful in our conflict with Empire.

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