Monday, September 9, 2013

An Ally Against Empire: The Lip.TV's Buzzsaw

The Lip is an online independent media outlet, producing full-length television episodes as well as short videos. One of the shows on The Lip is Buzzsaw, a show that presents both an alternative take on the mainstream media narratives promulgated by Empire's Thralls in the global media Establishment as well as bringing to light relevant news stories that are otherwise ignored- and yes, this includes esoteric and other not-materialist perspectives usually derived or mocked in the mainstream. The founders include Sean Stone and Tyrell Venture, along with Tabitha Wallace; Tyrell and Tabitha stick closer to the mainstream's comfort zone, and Sean is the one that focuses on the esoterica.

Buzzsaw is better appreciated when viewed than explained. Below I embedded the playlist for the full-length episodes, and I encourage you to start at the beginning; watch one or two at a time, as your schedule allows, until you become familiar with the show and each member's strengths and interests.

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