Sunday, December 29, 2013

Administration: End of 2013 & Plans for 2014

So, we're at the last Sunday of 2013. The new year starts on Wednesday. So, what's what?

The original host for this 'blog--Xanga--shat the bed earlier this year and I relaunched Empire here. I also decided to go from a weekly to a daily posting schedule, eventually formalizing my habit into a feature. So, most of the week I'm curating the best of the alternative media out there and bringing it to your attention; on Sundays, I choose to write and post my own thoughts about something of interest and relevance. This works well enough, for now, so I'm going to keep doing that going into 2014.

However, there is something that you readers should know now. I've harbored plans to write more long-form documents--novels and novel-length non-fiction--and I've held off due to my experiences with Microsoft Word in doing that sort of thing. In short, Word is very bad at doing that; it lacks the tools that I need to do that job to my satisfaction. This Christmas I received a copy of Scrivener from my folks, which is a software suite meant for just this sort of writing work, and I intend to make good use of it in the new year. While I will keep up this 'blog, don't be surprised if I change how I keep things up--queuing up posts well before they go live as an attempt to improve my time management--in order to make room for these long-form writing projects.

Also, I want to get into podcasting and making videos (something else I lack the tools and expertise for at this time) in order to further my interests. I have user accounts at various video, streaming and podcasting accounts and it's time that I start producing stuff to upload there instead of just using them to comment or join in the chat rooms.

It's time to step it up. Got to make Empire fall.

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