Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Copyright Theater on YouTube over Videogames is a Sign of the Times

This is an unusual choice, but I'm bringing it to your attention because it is indicative of a larger trend. It is no secret that much new technology is disruptive of established business models, networks and practices; such disruptions will not go unanswered, and these usually take the form of legal acts made viable by corrupt politicians and an ignorant judiciary. What we're looking at here is a challenged sector, under threat, striking back at those who seek to supplant these established actors.

As I said above, this is indicative of a larger trend, and that trend is one of challenged elite actors getting their Sith Lord--Empire Strikes Back--and attempting via legal and economic manipulation (fostered by compliant media and incompetent talking heads) to shut down the efforts of individuals who (for reasons fair or foul) seek to make obsolete and irrelevant the established system of domination and control- starting with information and other data. This is a specific example of suppression of challengers to Empire as an example of the larger trend.

The video below, therefore, is focused on the matter of certain videogame corporations acting against YouTube channels and personalities breaking the established marketing scam that pretends to be videogame journalism; when you watch it, read the issue in the form of Empire's Thralls in the economy using bought-and-paid-for political assets to suppress alternatives to their media infrastructure- and with it, their control over what information (what data) individuals access (and thus control over their thinking; control of input means control of output). Also, pay attention to the point made about the importance of the personality in presenting a message; we would be well served in heeding the importance of performance.

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