Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Crossroads of Technological Unemployment

I think that we've hit a breakpoint this year. Specifically, I think we've passed a critical point in the automation of the world's economy, and now the end-result of technological unemployment is inevitable. Within the next 15 years more and more jobs will be eliminated entirely as machines and software prove themselves superior to human labor in all of the ways that matter to the owners, and with it comes a problem that has to be addressed if we are to benefit from these technological innovations. Let me elaborate on this issue.

Right now, our global paradigm requires that each individual somehow acquire an arbitrarily-determined amount of currency--paper or digits, really--to pay to stay alive. We do this through occupying various positions of employment, and most of us occupy positions whose compensation does not match the time and effort demanded of us; we are the ones who will soon be permanently unemployed because robots and software will make our positions irrelevant as well as too costly to retain. For those of us not immanently threatened, we will instead be degraded in prestige (and thus payment) through first de-skilling the position's duties and then automating away entirely; add 5-15 years to your obsolescence as a worker if you're a professional or tradesman, depending upon how much creativity or social interaction is required. If we lack employment, and we don't already have a commanding position of investable wealth to work for us, then we soon find our place tenuous and we slip out of acceptability and find ourselves marginalized.

The technological unemployment now occurring means that there will be fewer and fewer jobs, as well as fewer and fewer replacements, so that more people are permanently thrown out of the job market. They can't retrain faster than the would-be jobs are taken out through a new robot or software suite, so the remaining position that pay well will be those positions that require qualities that only Mankind possesses. Everything else will be done by a robot or by software. As we are soon to reach a tipping point where our economic paradigm no longer functions due to the unemployed population becoming far too large to handle, there is a choice that must be made for Mankind to continue.

Empire and its Thralls want to take this crisis point to cull the population, reduce it by a number so great--80-90%--that it freaks out the minds of many who confront the scenario before them. To make this happen, they want to weaponize the drones and automate the military and security services such that the Praetorian Guard flaw ceases to exist; they want the ability to give unquestioned orders to commit genocide upon any population that proves to be at all troublesome no matter the cause for discontent. In short, they want to BE Skynet and have unbeatable hordes of Hunter-Killer Terminators at hand to deal with those populations that do not succumb to the other measures that they want to use--and are now using--to slowly (in terms of decades or generations) make the same goal come about.

What Empire and its Thralls are now aware of as a threat is that enough individuals, around the gloves, now exist and are now communicating across the globe all that they know. Flaws are now corrected at rates heretofore unthinkable. Axioms in this wretched paradigm have been examined, and are now being used against the Thralls; we don't have to pay to be alive on this planet and a growing mass of the global population is aware that practical ways to make technological unemployment truly beneficial to Mankind are possible. Right now, the Swedes are due to vote on a national referendum to implement a Basic Income Guarantee of $2800/month (to use U.S. Dollars) and you don't have to do a god-damned thing to get it. This is in addition to any income you get from a job, and by itself is more than sufficient to keep you fed, clothed and housed at a respectable level; it takes away the existential threat to one's life, allowing you to pursue your passions and actually enjoy being alive instead of slaving away for the benefit of others.

Right now, it's a race between the would-be genocidal elite and the resistance that wants to liberate Mankind from the millenia of shit work that kills the spirit and ruins the lives of the vast majority of Mankind. If you want to see the better tomorrow, then participate in the monkeywrenching of the drone-enforced police state and support measures that wreck the paradigm entirely like Basic Income.

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