Sunday, December 8, 2013

Empire Consumes The Gifted

Synchronicity happens. Today, I get up and while I'm drinking my coffee I'm checking in with my friends and acquaintances via the usual social media outlets when I see that a game designer by the name of John Wick shared a link to this article about existential depression in gifted children. A Google search reveals plenty of reposts, so I won't reproduce it again here (follow the link and come back), but as I read the article I felt that familiar anger again.

You see, 30+ years ago I was that gifted child suffering acutely and severely from existential depression. As this was the 1970s and 1980s in a working class family, a working class neighborhood and a working class school district (in other words, a system designed to produce proles--human resources--for the corporate sector to consume and discard) you should not be surprised to find that the adults legally responsible for my safety and well-being UTTERLY FAILED to do their job. Their incompetence, as I know now, was not entirely accidental; the Prussian system we use world-wide to school and train (not educate) children has no intention of making good use of gifted children that don't arise out of the high-class families that run and own this system of human resource farming that fraudulently calls itself "civilization". (Yes, that's a global thing; it's just as much a shit-canning of the common man in the West as it is in the East, in the North as in the South- if you're not one of the elite, you're just a thing to be stuck in place and ground up before being yanked out and cast off as old and busted. That's our global system, and no amount of gilding the cage can conceal this from those with eyes to see and ears to hear.)

My abandonment of this shit milieu, my transformation of my frustration into an anger-fueled passion to expose to one and all that this is not the real world--but instead a bullshit fake meatgrinder that pretends that it's a wonderland, a Matrix where everyone's conned into thinking that they can be what they want if they just (insert bullshit fraudulent claim here)--stems from that childhood experience. I learned, as I now see clearly, that I got at a pre-school age just how full of shit this world really was; I lacked the language to express it, and I had not the experience to process it, but I knew that this world was bullshit and no amount of cajoling from the system--formally, by way of government agents, or informally by the adults in my life--did anything to prove otherwise. Indeed, their reactions confirmed my findings.

Every other aspect of "normal" life just served to reinforce this conclusion over the years. Since the physical frontiers are closed, I abandoned this world emotionally and mentally instead for those frontiers. (And yes, as soon as that former frontier reopens, I am out of here. No, that story about the company claiming to colonize Mars is not believable; undersea colonization will happen first.) It's not worth saving, let alone serving, so I now await the inevitable collapse that Empire's fraud must experience. Then there will be a window of time, a liminal space, where I can intervene and put down this cancer for good and never again should there be any of this horror visited upon we that are gifted. Call it the Magneto Option if you like, but that would be misleading; I am not only an anarchist, but also an individualist (as no institution created by Mankind has ever done what individuals in lawful community could not do, and Empire always turns them into organs of his parasitic predation; we don't need what is not emergent in Nature when it comes to such things- the family alone is lawful).

Empire consumes the Gifted. It fears what these best expressions of Mankind could do if it didn't prey upon them, turn those it can into Thralls and cripple or kill the rest. (I could myself lucky to merely live in exile.) If we want this phenomenon to end, then we must kill Empire and bring the system down for good. Empire Must Fall.

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