Sunday, December 15, 2013

So, What Kind of Anarchist Are You Mr. Walker?

Previously, I wrote at length as to why I am not an Anarcho-Capitalist. Today, it's the other side, and by that I mean the Anarcho-Syndicalists/Communists/etc.- in other words, the left-leaning sort.

The problem with the Anarcho-Capitalists (henceforth, "An-Cap(s)") is that they refuse to recognize Capitalism as the predatory thing that it is, which is why cronyism and gangsterism are inevitable developments and cannot help but lead to the creation of the State as a means of creating a differential edge that cannot be countered: the power of the State in service to their interests.

By comparison, the problem with Anarcho-Collectivists (as that is what synidcalism, communism and so on build their argument upon) is that they refuse to recognize that the same phenomenon that produces the centralization of power in the An-Cap paradigm still exists in the Anarcho-Collectivist paradigm (henceforth, "An-Col(s)"): the presence of the potential for centralized power draws predatory people who seeks that power and will do what it takes to get it, inevitably leading to corruption of the collective and its transformation into a new State.

Let me break that down.

The premise of the An-Cols is that practical sovereignty is only viable when one surrenders or sublimates their individual existence and identity into that of a group of some sort--a union, a village, a free company, etc.--which possesses the economic capital required to establish and maintain a truly autonomous community. The small religious commune is an An-Col manifestation. The worker-owned collective is an An-Col manifestation. The problem with these, and all others that conform to this pattern, is that these are not emergent gatherings that perform a function that Natural Law demands. You don't need a co-operative to cultivate land, grow food, establish a homestead and raise a family; you don't need a commune, a union, or any other formal social construct either.

The family and the homestead are naturally-occurring emergent organizations, existing to fulfill purposes necessary for individuals to survive and thrive, and when no longer necessary they dissolve as easily as they emerged. These lawful institutions, and these alone, are all that Mankind needs to overcome any challenge or achieve any goal. This is because these entities are most friendly to the development and refinement of the individual when functioning properly; all other institutions--especially the State--are poor copies of these two naturally-emerging institutions. Even when they function improperly, they function well enough to still be better than any artifice of Man. These poor copies lack the elements that prevent, for the most part, the creation of cults and other destructive mind controls that turn these things into gangs and then into new States as the transformation concludes and crystalizes into the end-stage of predatory paradigms.

That's right, folks: I am an Individualist. I see collectivism of all sorts as nothing more than openings for predatory personalities--psychopaths--to slip into positions of power within these collectives, turn them away from their original purpose and towards making them into personal fiefdoms. The end result is that these become cults--religious, business, political or otherwise--and cults inevitably turn their totalitarian authoritarianism away from their own and towards outsiders, which is usually when they become States. In other words, the An-Col path is also a sucker's path because it is nothing more than the creation of the conditions needed to create a cult or gang, and then grow it from there until it becomes the State and thus has become the thing it was made to destroy.

The Individualist path, which eschews Capitalism as being predatory inherently and Collectivism as being a self-destructive delusion, seeks nothing but mastery over oneself. The family naturally emerges because being a child is the first experience of being the student, and raising a child is the practice of being the mentor as dictated by life itself; the household naturally emerges as the most efficient way to collect and distribute the resources required to accomplish this task. As each child is a unique individual, only the unique attention of individual mentors is sufficient to fully develop one's abilities and discover one's method of employing them in this life. No form of collectivism permits this in practice (just as no capitalist system does in practice) as collectives see people as capitalists do--just human resources, one or two steps away from being proper money--and therefore cannot help but to violate the inherent rights of a child in service to unnatural demands of the predatory paradigm. It is child sacrifice to blood-thirsty demon-gods in all but name. Only by holding to the way of the Individual, perfectly sovereign in himself and acknowledging the same quality in all others, can one fulfill the potential to achieve true and real autonomy and freedom that Anarchism offers to Mankind.

This is what sort of Anarchist I am, and by walking this path I will live to see Empire fall.

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