Sunday, October 24, 2021

It Takes An Alliance Of Nations To Defeat Empire

Globohomo plays on the big map.

Running a global empire--and Globohomo is Empire--has its advantages, and one of them is being able to swiftly move assets around to deal with threats. Nationlists have the problem of thinking too much about their local conditions, to the point of being myopic about it, and this allows Empire to defeat in detail. It prioritize threats, keep lower-priority ones tied up as best it can while focusing on putting the top one down.

Well, when Empire isn't up its own ass.

Nationalists also have the issue with not seeing the practical necessity of making common cause with other Nationalists against Empire because those Nationalist groups are unable to set aside any animosities or conflicts of interests between them to focus on the higher priority threat. In short, it's a failure to prioritize threats.

This is why Empire is due to put down the threat that Xi Jinping poses to Globohomo. Xi failed to set aside his animosity with other enemies of Globohomo to focus on Globohomo, so he lost any opportunity to make common cause with others against it. Instead, he's on the backfoot against Globohomo-aligned CCP players--the Jiang Zemin faction--and unless he pulls off an upset he's going to be ousted within a year or so whereupon he will be on the wrong end of the purging he's done to Jiang's people.

Dissidents and Nationalists need to learn from this failure in progress, as they must learn from other recent failures as well as recent successes, and share those findings with others.

Fortunately there is some recognition of the need to share and collaborate within Western dissident groups, and this is happening, but I want to see more of it and I want to see it become more potent and efficient so that it acheives effective results in favor of Nationalism. Saying "Nationalism is inevitable" doesn't make it so; this isn't gravity we're talking about here, as Globohomo's dodged several bullets already.

One thing that needs to be addressed is the need to erect entire parallel structures, and the acumen to go about doing so effectively, efficiently, and quietly.

It is not enough to destroy Globohomo. That leaves a vaccuum. You need to have something on hand ready to fill that void, and you need to get it running here and now so that you can work out the kinks and figure out how to scale it up when you win.

This structure is summarized as "We hire our own, house our own, care for our own, and trade with our allies." What it means is that most of these Nationalist groups need to start networking among themselves, hiring each other for work, housing one another on favorable terms, and actually practice the ingroup preference behaviors that we see in Eastern nations on a daily basis- that we used to do before Globohomo began weaponizing Individualism against us to make us vulnerable to Globohomo Collectivism.

Trading with our allies means negotiating with other nationalists on a nation-to-nation basis.

That sounds like what government is meant to do. That's because it is. "Parallel strucutre" means "parallel governance" in practice.

Yes, this does mean that you folks ought to be having your own accountants, lawyers, etc., working your way up to making payment processors, hosting providers, and eventually credit unions and banks. That's a lot of work that takes a lot of time--at least a generation--and you're going to run into obstacles accidental and intentional along the way.

But it starts right now by taking that guy in the local group that got doxxed and shielding him from an Antifa mob, getting him a job in a company owned by another local guy who won't disclose his employee roster, having the accountant in the local group handle the taxes for all its members, having a lawyer as a member that can help with legal matters, getting your own in local government positions, etc.

In short, stop thinking that this shit is someone's else's problem--that Daddy will fix it--and start handling this yourselves. Until Jesus comes back, no one's riding to your rescue; the best others can do is share intelligence. Only men acting like men can make Empire fall. Not a man. Men. In concert, as a team- as a tribe, as a nation.

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