Sunday, October 17, 2021

The Empire Strikes Back (At Winnie)

Winnie is screwed.

Over the last couple of weeks I'd been seeking out alternative media outlets that cover the China beat. Be it indies out of the Anglosphere, Indian media outlets, dissident Chinese outlets in the diaspora (i.e. Maylay, Taiwanese, etc.), Russians, the word coming out is the same: Xi Jinping is losing his grip on power within the Chinese Communist Party and thus on power in China.

In short, the cold civil war between Xi and Jiang Zemin is going to conclude by 2024 with Jiang's faction--the Globohomo-aligned one--back in power. The reasons, ultimately, can be reduced to a single sentance: Winnie fucked with the money.

The moves against the entertainment sector and the service economy sector are moves against allies of Jiang aimed at destroying Jiang's power base. If Xi had made these moves with the full power of the military and the security services behind him, this would be a successful campaign of purging his enemies. Xi did not secure the loyalty of either the military or the security services before making this move.

Let me throw out a series of video links on all this:

This does not account for the massive damage that the dams busting due to massive flooding have wrought to an already slipshod and weak physical infrastrucutre--the "tofu dreg" projects that ADVChina covers--such that railway and highway bridges and overpasses have collapsed, making the power problems--rolling blackouts due to a lack of coal to power the plants--even worse.

With the financial sector collapsing due to the real estate bubble popping--Evergrande's shockwave is spreading fast--adding to the misery, and Xi cutting off all avenues of physical and psychological escape due to his attacks on Jiang's allies, the net result is a country filled with an rapidly declining standard of living, a rapidly collapsing economy, and a rapidly disintegrating state of political stability.

In short: Kiss the Mandate of Heaven goodbye.

He doesn't have what he needs to realize any internal or external ambitions, and like Trump here in the US he's been stymied by the very institutions he's relying upon such that they covertly--and now openly--plotted against him. If he somehow weathers this and comes out triumphant it will come at the cost of his independence; he will be forever after a vassal of a superior player, whomever that may be.

It will be interesting to compare and contrast Putin, Xi, and Trump so we can see how Putin succeeded where the latter two failed. Vox Day has said that Xi is a nationalist in the truest sense of the word, and that he and Wang are moving to stop Globohomo corruption of Han civilization and culture. That may be true, and I am inclined to think that is a motivator given Wang's experiences, but the results cannot be argued with: Xi swung at the king (of this world) and missed, and now comes retaliation.

This entire episode has lessons for dissident nationalists to learn from, and there is no discussion going on; this is a mistake, and it will cost plenty if not recitified now. Not everyone is going to make it, and some of those casualties are ultimately self-inflicted due to failing to learn from the failures of others. Don't be that guy. Be the one that survives Empire's fall and thus is around to teach the next generation how to avoid repeating the errors.


  1. Bradford

    Boxing his latest post is under the impression that Xi is ramping up pressure for Taiwan to surrender quickly.
    Perhaps but I see Xi under immense pressure because winter's coming and the rolling blackout up north and Tibet could be lethal. People might freeze to death.


    1. And Taiwan has the means to resist that pressure. In short, Taipei and the Nationalists have viable alternatives to whatever Xi has to offer as a reward for capitulation. South Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States have all been moving to back up Taiwan and now European governments are getting on board.

      In short, Vox Day is wrong again on China. I have to wonder why he's being so pig-headededly wrong when the facts clearly show China (both Xi and Jiang) as being too weak to project power outside the country.