Sunday, February 9, 2014

Authority is a Fraud

I could waste a good chunk of my time writing an essay about this, but that would be fucking stupid. Instead, I'll use this segment from Mark Passio's presentation last year. Summarized (taken from the uploader's Description): "Mark Passio explains how "AUTHORITY" is an ILLUSION of a diseased psyche, based entirely in VIOLENCE and built upon the erroneous and dogmatic BELIEF that some people are MASTERS who have the moral right to issue commands, and others are SLAVES who have a moral obligation to obey the Masters."

Instead, I'll spend a bit of time writing about one big ramification of this fact.

Remember Nuremberg? "I was just following orders!" was not accepted as a defense.

It doesn't stop with (now long dead) Nazis. It applies to everyone. It applies to everyone THAT EVER LIVED, IS ALIVE NOW, OR SHALL EVER LIVE.

When someone claims authority, what they are really doing is saying "You will do as I say or I will violate you. If you still exist thereafter, I will threaten you again, and I will violate you again if you fail to comply. I will repeat this until you either die or you comply." They will claim that their costume magically confers this "authority", or that some man-made words--some ink on paper or bits in a database--does so, but when pressed they will inevitably resort to violence--they will violate you--and terrorize you into compliance. "Authority" is nothing more than Terrorism.

All of the claimed good can be done just as well, if not better, by individuals voluntarily associating to achieve the same ends- no coercion needed. No claim to the contrary is valid; all of them, when examined, turn out to be unintended byproducts of a scam intended to enforce some form of slavery upon a population. Free peoples are superior in all respects to achieving these goals. Walk away from Omelas, folks, and take that forsaken child with you.

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