Thursday, February 6, 2014

Camp FEMA 2: Enemy of the State

This is Alex Jones' follow-up to Camp FEMA film.

While I have no problems with vaccines, I do have problems with criminals under the color of government using public health as a smokescreen for achieving tyrannical control over a population- and vaccines are part of that scam. Skepticism is not unwise when those pushing a thing act more like car salesmen than anything else, or creating a scenario where they can use color-of-law coercion to get their way. The history of Empire is full of such scams, and we are fools to dismiss them out of hand. The same thing is true of "public order" excuses, such as what happened in Katrina. (Indeed, Katrina is what all of us should take as a warning of what all levels of government can and would do given the right prompting to do so.) Government--big and small alike--is never to be trusted.

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