Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Way to Kill Empire Is Here

All of those Mark Passio videos weren't posted for shits and giggles. There was a purpose.

The reason that I posted those videos is because Passio laid out a foundation for a free, independent, and practical alternative to our current paradigm of slavery to and consumption by Empire. It is an individualist paradigm, not a collectivist one. It eschews the Pythonesque infighting amongst various cliques of Anarchism as being, quite frankly, useless bullshit. Sure, you've got Ancient Aliens and lots of other whackado to go with it, but what do you expect from a self-admitted former Satanist? The whackado is not the point; the point is the emphasis on Natural Law, our relationship to it, and how returning to a strict adherence of it will lead to Empire's fall- and with it, the healing of Mankind's long-running dysfunction.

In the Natural Law seminar Passio lays out the who, what, when, and where of What On Earth Is Happening. The Cosmic Abandonment presentation lays out the why and how. This is nothing more than the application of the Trivium, which is why--despite the whackado--his message resonates so strongly to those who have not gotten up to speed on what's really going on out here. If you're not one to agree with the whackado elements, then take them as mythology; that does not a damn thing to dilute the truth of the message, as myth is NOT a lie- it's a STORY. (Thanks to Joseph Campbell for making that clear.) Stories are how Mankind originally, and to this day, organizes and disseminates what he knows to others- especially to generations yet unborn. We dismiss them at our peril, and we have dismissed them for far too long as it is; as myth, as literature, or as misunderstood history it DOES NOT CHANGE THE MESSAGE.

Let's review the key points.
  1. There is no such thing as "authority"; it is a cult, intended to shackle your mind and keep you enslaved. No man is the master of any other man, and no man is the slave to any other man. There are no masters, and there are no slaves, so all claims of being either one or the other is a fraud. It doesn't matter what titles the claimant uses, or what ink-blotted pages they wave in your face, or what costume they wear- they're nothing more than gangsters because they have to wield weapons and threaten to violate you to enforce their claims. The only true law is Natural Law, so fuck everything else.
  2. There is no such thing as "money"; it is also a cult, with the same aim. Nothing used as currency has intrinsic value, for the reasons Passio lays out in the Cosmic Abandonment presentation. (If you can't eat it or use it as a tool, it has no intrinsic value; its value is strictly fiat and therefore can and will collapse once that belief collapses. Stop stacking silver and gold, and start stacking things you can actually use; neither of those will save your ass in an economic collapse or similar scenario.)
  3. Mankind is in this shit with Empire (the gods of the ancient world, in this case) because Empire, in the distant past, arose amongst us and attempted to use us to fulfill its rapacious demand for material wealth--gold, as the legends say--and didn't want to do the work on its own behalf to get it. This is the origin of slavery in Man's existence.
  4. Rather than outright genocide, Empire selected specific individuals susceptible to its lies and made them kings and priests over the rest of us; this, coupled with the emergence of money, marks the emergence of Man's original kingdoms and empires- pale reflections of Empire itself. This is the normalization of slavery, in a vast array of illusory and intersecting forms, in Man's experience.
  5. Until we break away from these cosmic frauds, we cannot achieve freedom and fulfill our promise in this life- both as individuals and as a species. This is a predatory threat, the ur-psychopath, and must be dealt with accordingly.

Naturally, there are further lies meant to dissuade resistance. Passio attacked the most popular ones out of the New Age Movement last year, in one hell of a podcast lasting eight hours. However, that came after a much shorter presentation lasting a mere 90 minutes, which I'm embedding below, and you're going to make yourself better for watching it and learning from it.

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