Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mark Passio: From Suppression to Manifestation - Free Energy, Nikola Tesla, the Hidden History of Their Suppression AND HOW TO FIX THIS SHIT

On January 11th, Mark Passio gave this presentation. This is a further add-on to his Natural Law and Cosmic Abandonment seminars. If nothing else, watch from 5:00-8:30 because he lays out how practical mind control really works (and it has nothing to do with demons, drugs, psychic powers, electro-shock or other traumatic abuses; it's simple, easy, and very effective- and you'll quickly grok why he's right when you see it). If you're game for that, continue and see him lay out the oh-my-Dog-this-is-so-obvious explanation for how said mind control is still be used today. By then, you should be good for the rest of the presentation.

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