Sunday, February 16, 2014

"Money" Needs to Go

Recently, for the purpose of ensuring that I comprehended what I saw and heard, I re-watched Mark Passio's Natural Law seminar. I caught something that I missed previously, and that was Passio talking about one of the cult-like taboos of Empire: the use of currency.

Passio argued, in blunt and direct terms, that there is not now--and there has never been--money as is often claimed. (i.e. a token accepted in lieu of barter, store of value, intrinsic value, etc.) In other words, he told all of the gold and silver bugs out there that they're full of shit; neither gold nor silver have inherent value, but rather are just as much fiat currencies as the U.S. Dollar, British Pound, E.U. Euro, or the Japanese Yen. What he emphasizes is that the true economy revolves around Time and Attention, and that currency--contrary to what most claim--is neither necessary nor useful; it is neither a lubricant that smooths the function of an economy nor has capacitance, but instead acts solely as a resistor- the role of currency is to enforce scarcity and thus enforce the Musical Chairs of mainstream economic thinking. Put another way, currency is there as a systematic element for the purpose of ensuring a steady flow of human sacrifices to the rapacious god that is Empire.

The reality of our current world is that material scarcity ceased to be true years ago; we actually are in a global state of material abundance, such that it is increasingly obvious that depriving individuals of the necessities of life because they have not the currency to pay to stay alive is really just a subtle form of genocide- and thus a Crime Against Humanity. There is no inherent scarcity; the illusion exists because intra-species predators prey upon Mankind, stealing from those who need and--like the dragons of legend--accruing it to themselves out of a dysfunctional psychology that always results in self-destruction.

Therefore, "money" needs to go. It is now an active contributor to the misery of Mankind, and therefore must be taken out and destroyed. The purpose it is said to serve does not actually exist; it is instead used as an excuse to place gatekeepers on the economy to enforce the common man's state of peonage to the cosmic con-men that run Empire's system in the material world. With it must be all of the gatekeeping on the productive and distributive powers of the economy; the predators stealing from the rest of us, the con-men lying and defrauding us, and the rule-speakers making proclamations that have little weight in the real world without costumed thugs using violence to enforce them.

There is no such thing as a scarcity of bandwidth, electricity, housing, food, or water. Predators are attacking the abundance that actually exists in pursuit of their aims to acquire and maintain control over others; do away with them, and you get most of the problem solved. Do away with the system of peonage that requires people to pay to stay alive, and only a small--and easily solved, now that time and attention can be devoted to doing so--minority remains. We can do all of this by and for ourselves, without the need for impersonal entities--governments, corporations, societies, etc.--getting in the way, so let's do it now. Money is Empire, and Empire must fall.

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