Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Idea That Empire Is An Idea Is Getting Out There

I had a big ol' rant ready, and then I listened to this episode of Max Igan's show that previously aired on The People's Voice. Start here.

Still here? Good.

What Max laid out, and has for the whole of his time doing "Surviving The Matrix", is that--independent of me--what I call "Empire" is a living thing that exists in the realm of the mind and manifests its presence in the material world through human agents that its afflicts. This is what he's talking about with his whole "pathogen" analogy.

This is, for all his faults (and my suspicions), Alex Jones is right to call this an "Infowar". Nothing in the material world manifests without it first being conceived in the mind, so fighting over the realm of the mind is vital to killing Empire. We're talking about killing an idea here; fighting it out in the material world is at best a holding action, meant to buy time or stop enemy action. The real fight is with words, images, sounds, and other means of persuasion and argumentation. It's why Empire's Thralls are so obsessed with information control in all means possible.

Max Igan's not the only one. Mark Passio also figured this out, independently of me and Max, as he demonstrated with his Natural Law seminar. As I find more examples, I'll point them out here. Once this reaches critical mass, Empire's fall becomes unstoppable.

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