Sunday, January 31, 2021

Narrative Warfare: All You Need To Know About The Gamestop Affair

If you need a TLDR, here you go.

And that's the nicer way to put it.

But some of you want more detail. Here you go.

Stonks ain't my area of expertise, which is why I'm not ranting much about it, other to say that this bullshit is a cancerous outgrowth of the utterly fake and gay origin of modern banking: fiat currency issues as debt with interest attached, currency that did not exist until the banks--which claim that they have it, but actually don't--get you to sign for it. (This, by the way, is fraud; it's not treated as such due to officialdom being corrupt as fuck, but it is fraud.) This is a scam on top of a scam, so I am happy to see this happen; burn it all to ash.

Bonus: Here's a sea shanty for all you that bought and hold.

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