Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Narrative Warfare: It Glows In The Dark

Seen this making the rounds. Thankfully plenty of folks called this out for being fake and gay, as it came from an Antifa agent.

There is only one response necessary.

Of course you're not going. You're not stupid. This is the same gay op the Thralls use in their Narrative Warfare schemes: gin up their opposition, bring them to an event, then wreck it with cameras waiting to make the opposition look bad and justify further legal and corporate fuckery.

They, on the other hand, need optics. If they didn't constantly run these gay ops then they couldn't maintain their cover.

Now, however, they think they've won so the masks are coming off and these gay ops will transition to full on Humiliation Rituals. It will cease to be about the optics and go all-in on the flex of smearing shit in the opposition's face: "We can do this to you AT ANY TIME, and make you fall for it EVERY TIME, and there is NOTHING you can do about it. HAHAHA! Fuck you and die."

And they need that despair. Without it, they can't attain the total victory that they require to actually relief their amygdala and step down from mental breakdown. They must have our despair to feel anyting other than panic. This is why we never give up, even when it's all gone wrong, and force the hard-out at the worst. They become the architects of their own destruction due to their paranoia consuming themselves merely by seeing us in their shadows.

So don't go to the gay Glowie op. Stay in the shadows. Make their anxiety your ally. Empire falls.

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  1. From the flyer design I think I went to this in 1987 at the Fillmore. REFUSED TO BE SILENCED was the headliner. DEMAND FREEDOM and END THE CORRUPTION were the opening bands.

    END THE CORRUPTION wasn't originally on the show, but they stepped in for CIRCLE JERKS when their van broke down in Petaluma.