Thursday, January 7, 2021

They Think They've Won, But The Credits Aren't Rolling

Where are we in the movie?

It's the Third Act. Our hero has taken on the villain. He's been beaten, battered, bloodied, and looks to be defeated. It looks like the villain won, but something's missing. There is no conclusion. The credits aren't rolling. Our hero hasn't given up. Now comes the point where the hero reveals his plan, a plan that exploited a critical weakness in the villain.

In other words, now is the time of the comeback that the villain could not see coming even if they sense that something is wrong and they need to be wary.

Let's move this to the God-Emperor.

What is The Plan?

We can now say that the plan has been to force--not merely "wake up"--but compel in the most humiliating manner possible the awareness in the remaining American nation that the country does not operate the way that the media says it is, that the government does not work the way they think it does, that the media is not what it says it is, etc. and all of this had to happen using Trump as a proxy for the American People before any actual remedies could be put into action.

Why? He needs their support, of course, but again remember that we're in the realm of theater here. Rhetoric-by-performance is the thing to keep in mind. Since most of Heritage America is nominally Christian, the symbolism of Christianity is what is certain to resonate here.

What we see here is Trump deliberately recreating The Passion of the Christ as a means of forcing the American nation to shake off the Wormtongue-induced glamour and mind control; seeing someone you identify with get savaged, betrayed, and denied is one step removed from experiencing it yourself, and that is by design. This is what I mean by "Rhetoric-by-performance"; it directly engages the subject emotionally, bypassing reason via symbolism.

Right now, we see Trump apparently at the end.


All of this had to be done.

  • Exposure: The full extent of the treason against the American nation had to be brought forth before the nation where it could not be denied. This is now accomplished; most of the GOP and all of the Democrats are now revealed to be traitors. The media is treasonous. The bureaucracy is treasonous. The courts are treasonous. There is no remedy within the system to be had. and that's the point Trump had to make, and had to spend years making, for his win to work. Furthermore, he had to make it clear that there was no ignoring the enemy so sitting this out is not an option.
  • Threat Map: He had to compel suspects to commit, hard (as in "burn your ships", go on Death Ground), either for or against him. This included the exposure of hostile foreign actors, be they entire countries (China) or foreign-based Deep State assets. He had to get them out in the open, where everyone could see and hear them, and this too is now done. The vast conspiracy to enslave the West is exposed, revealing the extent of the threat against the nation, as a shadow empire with a Satanic core.
  • Revelation: The last step was to get the enemy to reveal their desire and plan to IMMEDIATELY retaliate against the nation as punishment for Trump. This is now accomplished. This last step was to make it clear what he said all along--that he was a proxy for them--and now that too is faced-smeared-in-it clear. The American nation now knows it is under imminent existential threat from a hostile power that has seized control of the country and there is no systemic remedy to fix this.

What do?

Now we see why Trump did all that shuffling at the Deparment of Defense, putting former SOCOM operators in charge and taking SOCOM away from the Chiefs and having them report directly to the Secretary of Defense.

You don't do that unless you plan to use them in ways that the Thralls of Empire in the US Military do not want. This was always going to go down to a military operation, and now we're there. I can't tell you exactly what it will be, or exactly what means will be used, but I will tell you that it will be welcomed by the American nation wholeheartedly now that all that preliminary work to demonstrate by humiliating example the necessity of such measures has been done.

Empire falls.

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