Friday, January 8, 2021

Narrative Warfare: To Lull Them Into A Trap

The desperation is palpable now.

The video released purpoted to be Trump purported to be conceding is fake and gay. Commentors at Anonymous Conservative and at Vox Populi have noted and pointed out defects, artifacts, and other flaws revealing the video to be a fake just like the last one taken in that location was. Furthermore, what was said--while clearly intended to be taken by the enemy, the Thralls in the media, as concession--was not a concession speech; those have a specific form to them, ending with "and so I end my campaign" and that was never said.

That doesn't mean the enemy made the fake.

What it did do is take the 25th Amendment off the table, as well as impeachment, off the table. Why? Because the enemy, being binary thinkers, automatically leaped to the very conclusion I pointed to above. Their amygdala is revealed. With that pressure (temporarily) reduced, they see no need to freakout so dramatically and instead go to announcing their intention to imprison, impoversish, etc. Trump and his supporters starting late this month.

Now they feel safe. Now they feel secure. They're not. They think they are, and that's enough for them to go Full Tilt Bozo and reveal their plan.

TLDR: Full Gulag for Trump & Company. That means you. Resumption and acceleration of the invasion of the United States (as we've seen in Europe) along with all sorts of backdoor suppression of rights (Red Flags, corporate-backed Social Credit schemes, etc.) intended to result in the impoverishment and dispossession of the American nation (as it is with all the other European nations) by traitorous elites working internationally to institute a second Tower of Babel.

As I said yesterday, all of this was sadly necessary because normies would never believe how bad things really are otherwise. They not only have to witness it, they have to be directly and immediately humiliated and threatened by it and see others also be so affected in great numbers. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

This is the final step in four years of strategic deception, the performance of a grand play on the stage of history, and now comes the conclusion.

Is it a sure thing? No, but it is as close as it gets. It could still go wrong, but neither I nor anyone reading this can do a damned thing now to affect that probability. We are now the audience, as are the others claiming to support the enemy, and it's out of our hands. If you want to do something, pray for Trump. Otherwise, now is the time to do as he did and step back from the fray; step back from social media, turn off the news (it's all lies anyway), and square yourselves away as best you can. Even a Trump victory will result in a good deal of upheveal and chaos, so you're better off preparing now to weather that storm.

Remember what I said about how Trump is playing this: a deliberate invocation of the Passion. That's performing the role of a martyr, and the risk is that one actually gets martyred, a risk Trump accepted. This plays into the enemy's virulent hatred of Trump; these symbolism-obsessed occulists recognize the scheme and recoil at the power put upon them, and it is like a source of strength for Trump.

Yes, they will attempt to openly assassinate him if they feel sufficiently threatened, and they will before the 20th. All of the shilling, etc. shows how rattled they are. Empire falls.

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