Monday, October 7, 2013

Discretion: Yes, I Do Exercise It

Notice the lack of David Icke posts? Notice the dearth of Ancient Aliens discussion? Little in the way of UFOs and so on? Well, I have a good reason for this.

I don't buy it, not when there's simpler explanations with far better documentation and evidence that can be independently verified. It's that simple.

It's not for a lack of a presence in the independent media. David Icke is a very media-savvy man these days, selling out major stadiums and huge theaters for the privilege of watching him talk for upwards of eight hours about everything he feels sufficiently comfortable sharing with the audience. If you think that the Ancient Alien stuff isn't making History major revenues, equal to a lot of their shows like American Pickers and Pawn Stars, you would be very, very wrong; it's HUGE, and there is no better example of this than the rise of Giorgio Tsukolous (the guy on the "Aliens" meme poster) in the scene. That man's well aware of how fortunate he is to travel the world and film stuff for this show, all on History's dime, and he's got a sense of humor and humility about it; he knows it could all end at any time, and acting accordingly.

UFOs? Still good stuff for basic cable networks, and so on with a lot of stuff one often hears on Coast to Coast AM. That doesn't mean that I'm convinced that it is what they say it is, when reading the work of Carroll Quigley, Edward Bernays and Saul Alinsky provide plenty of more reasonable explanations for what's going on, how and why. Remember: "Empire" is an IDEA, a MEME, often used by me as a metaphor- it's not like Icke's more out there positions.

That's not to say that I ignore spirituality. The ancient world's expression of Empire has its roots in religion and spirituality, so I will post about the matter from those perspectives when I deem it necessary. (An upcoming post about John Lash will go this route.) If I come across someone whose argument, however, doesn't stand up to scrutiny I won't give that someone exposure here. I choose to filter out those who, on the whole, cannot back up what they say with sources that I can't double-check on my own. That said, I find Thomas Sheridan's argument that we have a psychopath problem--not a lizard problem, not an alien problem, not a UFO problem, etc.--far more reasonable and compelling for producing useful stop-gaps as well as a permanent solution. Once the psychopaths--whom, I believe, comprise the majority of Empire's Thralls--are gone, fixing the remaining problems will become much easier.

In short, while many of you may think me deep into Crazytown, I'm quite sane- and you don't know Crazytown. Ask for examples at your own risk.

(Oh, and October 7th is my birthday. Happy Birthday to me.)

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