Saturday, October 26, 2013

And You Can Do What With This?

This is a question that we don't talk about enough, not as I'm about to.

We're not dealing with a problem that can be solved in a way that fits with instant gratification. It's going to take more time than we're conditioned to tolerate, and it's going to take more effort than that either. We're doing what Empire did, which is culture shaping. That's a slow process, and if you can't change your perspective to a long-term one where you may not even see the benefits accrue to yourself--e.g. planting a tree that won't mature until well after you're dead and gone--then you're going to fail. If you're here for the destination, you're doing it wrong.

That's because the destination IS the journey; the process IS the result. A life without Empire is a life of continuous change, and therefore of regular development, in accord to the rhythm of the real--natural--world. It is a life where the changes you make in yourself are developments in reaction to the changes in the natural world, ensuring that Man's development is part of the natural world and thus Nature benefits from Man's actions; the natural world improves, becoming stronger and more resilient as a direct result of Man and Nature's equal and mutually beneficial partnership of co-creation. To live in this manner is not to abandon science, or technology, but instead to see how to use what we learn and create to benefit reality and ensure that all of us enjoy the new state of reality that our journey--and thus our process--inspired and generated.

So, what does this mean? We must act, and we must act on multiple levels of scale and scope--time, space, etc.--so that we can stave off threats arrayed by Empire and its Thralls in the short-term long enough for medium-term and long-term efforts to begin to manifest in the real world and shape emergent creations to our benefit. We must take what we know, and use our skills and knowledges to communicate this to others so that our knowledge spreads.

Yeah, that means that I'm already on this by operating this 'blog, both in writing my own posts as well as linking to the work of others. This sort of thing is typical in the course of action, but that is NOT the only way to go. Here's some others, rarely discussed but very powerful and should be ideas that we take up:
  • Fiction Writing: I write fiction, specifically genre fiction. At this time I'm just an amateur story-teller who writes genre fiction as a hobby, but I have one friend and a few acquaintances who write genre fiction professionally (and I plan on joining them, taking steps to this end). I have no problem with doing as generations of authors did before me, which is to use literature to communicate values to audiences present and future, for one good reason- IT WORKS VERY FUCKING WELL! This does not mean that you get to skimp on the development of one's craft as a fiction writer, a novelist, a short-story writer, a film/TV/comic scriptwriter and so on; you still have to deliver the goods or you won't get read, and that's where I'm at now- putting in the time to develop my craft.
  • Poetry & Music: I have a lot of respect for musicians and poets who embrace the Bardic tradition and use their talents, and I do attempt to write verse now and again. I live in a place where outfits like Rhymesaysers Entertainment base themselves, so getting exposed to musicians such as Brother Ali is not that hard, and Amanda Palmer--regardless of what you think of her--is a woman whose talents are used in this manner (which makes sense, as her husband uses his talents as a fiction writer in the same way). Again, you have to know your shit and master your craft, but if you do you can tap into something very powerful; there's a reason that Empire always wants control over such things, and that's due to its awareness of the threat it presents to it.
  • Scholars & Journalists: We need a surge of independent investigators in both the academic and the journalism worlds. We're seeing now a new vanguard of independent operators such as Ben Swann, and this is an encouraging sign because by breaking the chains that commonly keep people from any useful action we can create our own communication channels and circumvent gatekeepers whose gainsaying is not about sound scholarship and instead all about maintaining Empire's Matrix via orthodoxy. We need our own academic journals, our own media outlets, and we need to network amongst them so that we can create wholesale replacements for corrupt institutions that no longer serve Mankind.

There's more, and I may return to this topic another day when I can find or invent other ways that aren't often considered to get the word out and then to organize--in the holarchic manner that we are meant for--to cut off Empire and instead handle our affairs ourselves. Empire must fall.

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