Sunday, October 13, 2013

Max Igan Points Out The Obvious

Max Igan is the founder and maintainer of The Crowhouse. He's based out of Australia, and sees through that perspective, but what he sees is hardly so specific to Australia that it is not easy to see how this is happening everywhere else. What's going on there is also going on, to greater or lesser degrees, everywhere else. (Yes, everywhere, because the system he talks about also exists everywhere.)

I have my differences with his proposed solutions--he's talking Total Pacifism, which doesn't work against Empire and its Thralls anymore--but he lives in a land where the sureshot solution is already countered by Empire and its Thralls through a combination of learned helplessness, propaganda and some statutes removing the means to use it from enough of the population to make its usage fruitless.

This is why I talk about walking away from Omelas. The psychology of Empire has a clear flaw, in that it is obsessed with enemies attempting to take it down in manners like those that it used to seize and keep power itself; it is like Sauron's inability to conceive that anyone would choose to destroy the One Ring instead of using it against him. This is also why I direct you to Thomas Sheridan and his work on psychopaths; he's coming at the same issue from another direction, and his "no contact" solution is what we need to heed.

What we need to do is to break away and build anew, casting off Empire and its Thralls. In time, once the energy (and other revenue) drops off enough to be noticed they'll come with their guns and their rules, and that will expose Empire for what it is: a parasite that cannot live without a host to keep it shielded from the natural world, which would otherwise obliterate it utterly. (Compare this with the Archons as described by John Lash; I find them to be one and the same concept.) Break away, never again contact them, and when they come be ready to defend against their violence. They can't keep going if they have not enough slaves feeding them, so their system will run down and collapse; keep them away, at bay, and this will happen for certain. Empire must fall.

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