Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Online Resources: Trivium Education

The people who founded and continue to run the Tragedy & Hope community have, over its brief history, spun off a lot of things into associated entities or resources for the benefit of Mankind. The Peace Revolution, Gnostic Media, School Sucks and Corbett Report podcasts are all tied into Tragedy & Hope in such a manner. There are others. One of these offshoots is a free resource known as Trivium Education.

This is a curated collection of found materials and podcast archives that address this long-established and proven method for transforming the mind of a child into a fully-actualized adult capable of critical thinking, and therefore of swiftly assimilating and mastering any knowledge that he pursues- and this does include the discovery of entirely new knowledge. The study materials alone are of great value; the curators went to some effort to find free online versions of the documents often referred to, and then (for those wanting to pay for copies) linked to other outlets (chiefly Amazon) for those capable and willing to put down some money on their improvement. As the capacity for critical analysis, skeptical inquiry and effective communication is a vital skillset for any serious endeavor, I'm linking to it today as something I recommend for you and yours in your own efforts towards freedom and autonomy in the most fundamental way: towards a free and independent mind, armed and armored against Empire and its forked, silvered and poisoned tongue.

However, the best resource offered is that many podcasts--audio and video versions where available--focused on the matter of the Trivium and Quadrivium are collected and readily available for a user's benefit. This makes up much of the site's content, which is a fantastic thing in itself; instead of hunting and searching through the contributing podcasts, websites, articles, etc. it's all there arranged by the curators to ensure that you can use it to your best benefit. The definitions, while seemingly obvious and even trite, are very likely to be the first time that you've ever seen them; even if you have some experience with some of the offered knowledge, you haven't seen it put into its proper historical and ontological context before. This is the nail that your inner kingdom, your true state of which you alone are sovereign, has long been in want of; take it, use it, and never again fear losing it.

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