Saturday, October 5, 2013

More James Corbett: The Corbett Report

Finishing this week's supplemental posts is James Corbett's primary pursuit itself: The Corbett Report. All of Corbett's reports, interviews, essays, collaborations and other productions all find themselves posted at the Corbett Report first (or after agreed exclusivity periods expire) before going elsewhere, such as to Corbett's YouTube account. Some of what I embedded earlier this week is from one of the episodes of this podcast. Instead of a representative video, I will below embedded the entire YouTube playlist of podcast episodes so that you can see what you want as you please; each episode has a corresponding entry at the Corbett Report, where links to sources and citations can be found for each and every episode.

By now I hope to show you that James Corbett, moreso than damn near everyone else out there--he's associated with the Tragedy & Hope community, so their standards should show in his work--is a cut above the shock jocks like Alex Jones and the other fear-traders in the independent media as well as far more respectable than some of the shifty people who keep getting sucked into teapot tempests due to his methodology. While no independent media outlet should be trusted blindly, some are very much superior to others in reliability and Corbett qualifies as being such a better thing. By his deeds he shows that he wants Empire to fall.

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