Sunday, October 6, 2013

Well, That Escalated Quickly: Peter Joseph vs. Stefan Molyneux

Oh dear.

This post will have a lot of embedded YouTube videos. These videos document an encounter between Peter Joseph and Stefan Molyneux, one that began with a debate and then exploded into a series of response videos that--starting with Molyneux's response video--escalated into character assassination, which got Joseph irked and prompted a second response video that went up today. Rather than spend words on it, I decided to embed the videos for your convenience and let you see for yourself how this derailed.

First, we have the debate itself:

Second, we have Peter's first response video:

Third, Stefan's response video:

Finally, Peter's second response video:


I, like Thomas Sheridan, am rather annoyed with the drama of such situations. Like Sheridan, I see that this incident is the result of someone thinking like a psychopath dealing with someone that does not. Peter Joseph's assessment of Stefan Molyneux's behavior is accurate, and I regret my previous support of Molyneux; that post will be amended to reflect this incident and the exposure of Molyneux's less-than-ethical behavior.

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