Wednesday, October 9, 2013

State of Mind: The Psychology of Control (+Extras)

Richard Grove put together the film in the title. This embedded playlist has that film as its #3 item, which I recommend that you watch first and then go back to the rest of the playlist. Grove went to some length to add value to the documentary by putting as many related videos together as he could find (amongst those he had the rights to use), and he even managed to get Alex Jones to show the better part of his character (not easy). (Why Jones? Because Jones has clout and reach that Grove alone does not have, and this is acknowledged as such by Grove.)

We're talking psychology here, things that were known over a century ago and applied against we the people--American and otherwise--through a variety of means, most of which had nothing to do with drugs or torture (i.e. not 1984) and far more to do with advertising and propaganda (i.e. Brave New World). It's worth your time to watch them all, though I advise you to not watch them all in one sitting, or even one day; watch them one or two at a time, letting what you see sink in and think it over before continuing on. Take notes, dammit. This is not veg-out video time; this is stuff you watch when you want to learn something that helps you make better sense of what's going on, what went down before, and what's on deck for tomorrow- and beat it.

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