Sunday, February 28, 2021

Narrative Warfare: Doing "Muh Humanitarianizms" In Myanmar

While the media in the United States talks about dropping bombs in Syria and how Assad is Literally Hitler, we see over in Myanmar a different situation aiming for the same result.

As I said on Twitter, this isn't a protest aimed at actually getting anything done locally on the ground in Myanmar. This is a protest aimed at manipulating public option in the imperial centers of power: Washington D.C., London, and Brussels. In short, this is a blood sacrifice to that aforementioned cult by the local Thralls of Empire to create the optics--the illusion--necessary to justify politically the military and para-military intervention into Burmese affairs in Myanmar.

The same lies told about the intervention in Syria will be said of Myanmar. The military junta will be painted as a brutal dictatorship, the media whores will cry all about "human rights" and "democracy", the ousted government will play the victim yet again as they make the rounds on Thrall-control media outlets like Democracy Now! and we'll see soon enough if it's enough to get the Thralls in the imperial tri-center to move or not.

The big difference between Syria and Myanmar is that the latter has Chicom ties, and with it Chicom influence. Syria has connections to Russia, but the Russians haven't been so good to Syria as the CCP was to Myanmar's military. That patronage is what will give pause to the Thralls; Myanmar is very close to China, vs. Syria's lack of close proximity to Russia, so whomever is willing to throw down in Myanmar with a proxy war will likely win control of the country.

That's not a trivial matter. Myanmar is a country with significant natural resources that both the Chicoms and Globohomo wants. Some player will get them, so not losing is not an option. This is similar to Syria's situation, as it has rich oil fields and the humanitarism is a cover for imperial control over a strategic resource. As the intelligence agencies make their action determinations, expect the media narrative to pivot into or away from military intervention in Myanmar to be similar to what is called for regarding Syria.

In both cases, what is going to happen in classic imperial overreach covered up by willful media compliance. The Imperial West does not have the military capability to achieve its strategic aims in either country; the willful degeneration of the military institutions in service to Thrall social controls will make the doomed Syracuse expedition look tame. Instead, look for something similar to the Hollywood depictions--be they historical dramas of genre fiction blockblusters--of total wipeouts by the opposition.

(Side note: Sure, Paul Verhoven is infamous for hating the novel so much that he never read it, claimed it's fascist and set out to parody it. He still managed to accurately portray his own side's tendancy for military competence vs. narrative control and how it works in practice- something the sequels also managed to succeed at portraying.)

What to do? Since no imperial player is worth a damn, the best thing to do is to set up a Mutually Assured Destruction of all players. That way, Empire doesn't just jump hosts again from West to East and keep the suck going. In other words, we need to make this happen and ensure neither survive.

Empire falls.

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