Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Narrative Warfare: How To Handle Death Cultists Online (And Why)

The following is a brief from Dragon Award winning author Brian Niemeier:

He continues this. I'm going to group those Tweets' content together into a single blockquote.

...Death Cultists know nothing about Christians. They don't want to know anything about Christians. To them, Christians are the enemy. They sling paste-eating idiotic memes like that to elicit 2 effects:

  1. Rally fellow Cultists
  2. Beat the bushes for enemies to mob

The Death Cult has no god, but it desperately needs a devil to define itself against. Absent a volunteer, they purity spiral on eaach other. Don't volunteer to wear the devil horns. That means don't interact w/ bait tweets. Deny Cultists the attention their stunted amygdalae crave.

If you can't resist, for the love of all that's holy, do not 'Set the record straight' by showing that Christians have always known Christ isn't Caucasian. Congrats, Dr. Jones. The Cultist wanted to seize the moral high ground, and you just ceded it to him.

The Cult can't meme, but they can deploy high-density, deceptively complex Kafkatraps. That's one way you know they're demonically influenced. People that dumb couldn't come up w/ such sophisticated rhetoric mazes on their own conclusion.

Don't play with fire. Talk about Cultists, not to them. Use "Jesus was a proto-pomo bugman" posts against them. They provide handy lists of accounts to block, so cut the OP and everyone who answers his call to prayer out of your online life.

Brian's talking Narrative Warfare here.

What the Cultist wants is to reinforce the stolen moral authority that the Death Cult has to have to be effective. That the Cultist does this without centralized command telling him to do so shows both that this is a perverted religion devotion as well as a psychological weakness that can be--should be--exploited against them, but heretore went unnoticed due to life-long gaslighting by the Cult using media and institutional control to bullshit us Big Lie style.

As Brian said, that's the sort of thing that dumb people can only do if influenced by demonic powers. The Witch Test directly attacks that influence by asserting the very moral authority the Cult stole and perverted. If one must directly interact with such bait, that is all you do: hit them with the Witch Test, wait for them to out themselves, publically pronounce judgement, then block them and all who come along like a conga-line of corrupt cronies in turn.

Yes, that happens. It's hilarious when it does. Makes it very easy to cull them.

The practical, immediate end to be had here is to shore up your online security. It's not the silver bullet; it's a tool in the arsenal. This is a time of sorting, and that means sifting wheat from chaff.

The true goal is to slowly choke off the Death Cult's position by taking that stolen authority back bit by bit, step by step, until the cascade hits and it all flows back at once.

Hold fast and persist. Empire falls.

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