Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Narrative Warfare: The Beauty, The Beast, & The Grove

Two podcasts put out new episodes yesterday. Embedded below, first, is a clip from Richard Grove's "Grand Theft World"

Here's the summary:

"We explore recent hysteria over “domestic terrorism” and its ideological overreach. There’s a dissection of the disconnect between facts about the storming of the capitol and and AOC’s gripping tale of terror. A recent TIME cover story admitted to election “fortification” by corporate and political interests. We analyze that story, then delve into the backgrounds of TIME and the Economist, exposing the influential powers and faces behind them.
 We also present a chilling exploration of the 10 stages of genocide, and how we can see that process unfolding now."

The full episode is here, and you have your choice of video or audio.

The second is Blonde in the Belly of the Beast interviewing RooshV.

The podcast title explains itself, and therefore I won't expound on it here. Roosh's perspective has always been insightful even before he returned to the Church, and now he's putting all of what he learned the hard and wrong way to a right end- as this interview demonstrates.

Between them you've got good stuff to listen/watch of a fiercely independent nature.

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