Sunday, February 14, 2021

Narrative Warfare: Blonde and the Fallacy of Democracy & Popular Suffrage

If you want some more high-minded beauty in your Valentine's Day, then again Blonde in the Belly of the Beast delivers. Today she's with Ramzpaul.

If you know Ram, then you can expect how this podcast episode went down. "Muh Democracy!" fools on suicide watch.

Given that the God-Emperor beat Impeachment for a second time yesterday--and I concer with Anonymous Conservative that this wasn't part of the plan, given the reactions; the fix that was supposed to be in somehow failed--and how we're witnessing the swift transformation of United States into a uniparty totalitarian state.

What Ram gets wrong is that any form of voting is valid. The only Godly government is Absolute Patriarchy: NO ONE votes, and only the eldest competent Christian father wields power, moderated by the Church and the Patriarch's duty to his family and posterity.

Once Empire falls, the void must be filled immediately, so we must build those replacements now so we are ready once the collapse comes.

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