Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Narrative Warfare: Milo Yiannopoulos on the CPAC Scam

CPAC recent invited a speaker. That speaker was later disavowed and disinvited when his political views became widely-known. Milo Yiannopoulus exposes this as a scam, having been the subject of this in 2017. This is from his Telegram feed.

What you have to understand is that CPAC invites us already knowing about the smears they’re going to use later to cancel us. It’s all planned. And in fact the CPAC board are the same people funding and organizing the smears. That’s how evil Con Inc. is. They don’t care about the reputation of CPAC. It is literally just a mechanism to purge the movement of anyone who threatens Republican strategists’ funding and power. If you receive an invitation to CPAC, know this: It’s a set up.

This is part of the Gatekeeper function that Con Inc. performs. This set-up is meant to signal who is and is not within Consensus Discourse, which they control as half of the Uniparty Establishment- the American Thralls of Empire.

You will find similar arrangements in every Western country. The details vary. The results are the same.

The function here is to mark designated participants in the Narrative. Those set up in this fashion are not humiliated to demoralize them. They are humiliated to establish that they are Outsiders and therefore unacceptable to support--to heed--lest punishments pile upon you following the humilated's example. Those set up are meant to be expelled from all practical poltical power and influence, forcing those humiliated to make do--at best--with being on the fringes like Alex Jones.

This is not trivial. Being reduced to a Cassandra role is still being neutered, since being right doesn't matter if you have no power to act on it.

There is a good thing to come out of all this. It is the continued exposure of the reality of the Establishment, and with it the facing of the fact that there is no remedy within the system to be had. There is no voting your way out; they will fix the result and use their control of the courts and the executive to enforce it. There is now no path within the poltical parties either; they will set you up just to cast you down and throw you out.

The reality is that the only remedy is to establish and control parallel socities separate and apart from the Thralls. Empire falls.

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