Monday, October 26, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Corruption Ain't Just A Presidential Thing

Following up from yesterday's post, the Excellence of Eloquetion that is Razorfist cut a rant on the Hunter Biden issue and includes ChiCom corruption.

I have got to figure out how to do "Fuck You, I Was Right!" in a wheelchair.

Now this is, so far, focused on said Biden and the dementia patient that is his father. I do want to know how this ties into the political corruption we see being exposed by Project Veritas, since all of the deceit and corruption they exposed and continue to expose materially and directly benefits the Bidens, Pelosis, Obamas, Clintons, et. al. that are at the top grifting like mad and cutting blackmail tapes like it was nothing.

Speaking of Project Veritas, there's a new video.

It is as Anonymous Conservative said. This is a hostile enemy network, it works from the shadows, it has multiple elements comprosing it (and they are rivals; infighting happens), and it cannot succeed if exposed before it seizes control of an area. (Where it does seize control, it often struggles to hold it due to gross incompetence.)

This is how the Thralls work. It's corruption and management of assets all the way down, ensuring that the illusion persists to sucker the rubes while behind the scenes a handful (at most) of people, and very likely only one man, call the shots. The rest of the network's operations are all about extending and maintaining the network's reach and power; that in doing they commit horrific violations of the innocent as sacrifices--"the cost of doing business"--is how the supernatural elements are satisfied.

Yes, this means it is--and always has been--a Satanic cult. They just got savvy about how they did the culty shit.

And it's all coming out right as the God-Emperor smashes it. Empire is falling.


  1. So, coming down to the wire here, what are your final predictions for the election? I'm predicting in all fairness a Trump win, but as Razor points out electoral fraud is the X factor that nobody can seem to nail down.

    1. Trumpslide. The polls are all wrong, and the electoral fraud seen in 2016 and 2018 is known and understood; the media display of impotence is just that, so behind the scenes it's been countered.

      We won't know the details until well after the fact, but given the proven behavior to date I think there's been quiet meetings with targeted officials about what they have and what they're willing to do about it if the fraud isn't reined in.

      You're seeing the tells in the polls started to show less than a clear Biden win; they're trying to set up for a Biden loss that they can spin in their favor, but they won't have narrativ e cover.

      I'm with Wictor on this; it's going to be decided, decisively, on Election Day and what comes next is face-saving for softer enemy actors to bow out without drawing friendly fire, isolating the hard targets and allowing attention (and action) to concentrate on them.

      This is how he got the Mid East and North Korea deals done. Now he's using it at home.

  2. Bradford,

    I bet that it's transnationally linked too.
    For example in Canada there's a growing corruption scandal involving Trudeau, his family and the WE charity. Basically this organization was tasked to dispense student grant program. Parlimentary investigations found all so sorts of conflicts of interest etc. Trudeau's mom, brother and wife were paid high speaking fees.

    The scandal is so bad, the Liberals managed to convince the NDP (aka social democrats) to extent the Parliament's prorogue. If it were to be in session, the government would fall and new elections called.

    What no one is yet raising is if there are any transnational links to say American elites or worse hostile foreign powers.

    Also, are these speaking fees more than influence buying and not be a form of circular money laundering both domestically and internationally ?

    And these would be even uglier than the current American one as there's a lot of bad blood and delayed payback.


    1. Count on it being linked like that. We just don't know the details yet.