Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Narrative Warfare: The US Department of Justice Sues Google

The United States Department of Justice announced an anti-trust lawsuit against Google.

You can thank Project Veritas for the timely release of their expose of Google to make this story carry weight while going viral.

And this is not Trump's October Surprise. That role goes to exposing Joe and Hunter Biden's criminal activities and their threat to national security because it's not just the Bidens, and it not just corruption; it involves human trafficking, pedophilia, and every single other party that benefited from or facilitated the Bidens' criminal activities.

This is the move against Big Tech that everyone on the right has called for all this time. What I would like to remind my fellows is that matters of law, by necessity, are matters of intelligence and as such operational moves follow lengthy and tedious intelligence gathering that goes on for years at a time. These moves have to be done in secret, and thus they cannot appear before the cameras--the same cameras that Big Tech's allies use to gaslight the population as they fight against the God-Emperor--so there will appear to the foolish that nothing is happening.

Now you see that this was not true. The court filings show that DOJ was investigating Google for some time before this, gathering intelligence before deterimining to go operational or not. That decision got made, and here we are.

Don't expect a swift conclusion either. The Microsoft case went on for years, so this will also, but unlike Microsoft this time DOJ can make use of social media to leverage social pressure to compel settlement. This is not the DOJ of the past; don't put it past Barr to wink and nod at that or something like it since Google certainly will do the same.

What you can expect is that the censorship Veritas exposed will ramp up now that it is directly targetted. (This won't help at all.) You can expect mainstream media attacks to ramp up in support. You can also expect more and more craziness from Twitter and Facebook as they too scramble to cover Google. They're all in this together, and if Google falls then all of them follow and they know it. The gaslighting will be thick and obvious, and ultimately prove counter-productive to the gaslighters.

This is not confidence in power. This is desperation over weakness exposed. Empire is falling, and the narratives aren't going to save it.

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