Sunday, October 18, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Susan Fails The Streisand Effect

You knew it was coming. So did all of the folks mentioned in this article below, so don't be sad that it happened. Look for their backups and rebookmark those.

YouTube has scrubbed many popular “QAnon” and independent news channels from its platform after announcing new rules that prohibit what it deems to be “harmful conspiracy theories.” The channels collectively had millions of subscribers and some of the many channels that were removed during this purge include:

  • X22 Report (952,000 subscribers)
  • SGTreport (630,000 subscribers)
  • Edge of Wonder (467,000 subscribers)
  • Praying Medic (391,000 subscribers)
  • And We Know (385,000 subscribers)
  • Amazing Polly (375,000 subscribers)
  • Joe M (367,000 subscribers)
  • Dollar Vigilante (304,000 subscribers)
  • Mouthy Buddha (296,000 subscribers)
  • JustInformed Talk (281,000 subscribers)
  • RedPill78 (269,000 subscribers)
  • The Patriot Hour (248,000 subscribers)
  • In Pursuit of Truth (242,000 subscribers)
  • Destroying the Illusion (238,000 subscribers)
  • TRUreporting (215,000 subscribers)
  • Alice Down The RabbitHole (174,000 subscribers)
  • Spaceshot76 (159,000 subscribers)
  • World Alternative Media (154,000 subscribers)
  • McAllisterTV (127,000 subscribers)
  • Sarah Westall (125,000 subscribers)
  • Radio-Qu├ębec (120,000 subscribers)
  • Truth and Art TV (113,000 subscribers)
  • Dustin Nemos (113,000 subscribers)
  • Blessed To Teach (109,000 subscribers)
  • Woke Societies (108,000 subscribers)
  • Stroppy Me (83,400 subscribers)
  • Patriots’ Soapbox News Network (80,000 subscribers)
  • Angel Wallace (63,000 subscribers)
  • Titus Frost (44,400 subscribers)

YouTube claims that it’s introducing this new policy to remove conspiracy content that’s “used to justify real-world-violence” – a claim that’s similar to those used by several other tech giants when justifying their arbitrary QAnon bans. For example, Facebook framed its QAnon ban as a crackdown on “potential violence.”

Under YouTube’s new policy, content that “targets an individual or group with conspiracy theories that have been used to justify real-world violence” are banned. Of course, YouTube doesn’t explain how it determines when a conspiracy theory is being used to justify real-world violence.

Note that this happened, and yet the pro-pedo channels are still there as are the pro-ISIS and similar violent actors, so again I must tap the sign.

Big Social has designated #QAnon as an Enemy, and this move is meant to cull the enemy from territory Big Social controls because it undermines its allies and their common cause. If that is what you take away from this, then you're already ahead of most normies.

Of course, #QAnon saw this coming. A while back the word started coming out that to maintain operational presence in enemy territory (e.g. YouTube), it will become necessary to go gray (drop the #QAnon tag) and resume disseminating the information under other monikers as part of a more general Truth Movement scene. Do not be the least bit surprised to see a new suite of channels rise up in the vaccum left that does just this: talks about the info without mention Q, showing Q drops, mentioning /8kun/, etc. by citing and linking to cutouts.

As for those nuked, you'll find that many of them have their own sites and more of them are doing as the Supreme Dark Lord Vox Day did and set up their own subscription-based video streaming sites in addition to having backup channels for free viewing at places like Bitchute or LBRY. That's what SGT Report did, and it's why they'll survive--even thrive--despite YouTube doing this; it will drive organic traffic to their sites instead.

Susan seriously underestimated the audience for these channels. They have newsletters. They have sites. They have backups on other social networks. Word spreads on where to go and how to access it fast, and these people--unlike the corporate oligarchs--have a far more human approach to content sharing. She thinks she sunk a threat just as the election was about to climax; all she did was break containment. Nice job breaking it, Villain. This is why Empire is falling.

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