Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Narrative Warfare: This Is What Political Media Looks Like

There really isn't much more I need to say to set this up, other than "For those coming in late, pay attention."

And this is why:

  • Swiftly Dated Content: Timely political references age like milk, souring swiftly as the circumstances that the media refers to disappears and with it the power of the punch. Just a few years later, it hits like a wet fart and about 10 years later you have to start explaining it to that were not there at the time, and if you have to explain the joke then you failed. This is why you see all the signs, shirts, buttons, etc. made for campaign season disappear almost immediately after the election is over; the time of relevance expired, and the same is true with politicized media of any other sort like TV shows.
  • Disdain For Plebs: You don't politicized media for any othe reason other than to propagandize and brainwash them, and that means eschewing whatever it is that the media is meant to do- usually entertain, sometimes to instruct (as in a technical manual), and that means expressing contempt and disrespect for the audience that justifies the media's existence. They resent this, so they walk away; "Get Woke, Go Broke" is what results of keeping this up. (As for why this keeps happening, that's for another post.)
  • Demolition Of Goodwill: While those making it may be True Believers, those benefiting from the results tend to be cynical power-seekers scheming to take out competition. One way to do that is to subvert threats and trash their good name by doing things as them--true or not--so the public is demoralized. (This, arguably, is the real objective for all such politicization.) By removing all positive association between that media and the audience, you remove it from their control and put it under yours, enforcing a Monopoly of Organization.

As for how they keep doing it, take a look at how these productions get organized, green-lit, and financed. You'll start finding your answers there.

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